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BUILD a castle, go on a blood hunt, and rise to dominance. In a gothic multiplayer survival game, conquer the living planet in V Rising Game.

After centuries of hibernation, reawaken as a frail vampire. To recover your strength, look for blood in adjacent settlements while hiding from the hot sun.

Pillage villages, attack bandit camps and traverse the realms of otherworldly monsters as you explore a wide-open world with companions or solitary. To expand your vampire empire, you must rebuild your castle and convert people into faithful followers. In a realm of strife, make online allies and wage war against other players.

What you will do in V Rising game


After years of hibernation, reawaken as a frail Vampire in a dangerous world. You must hunt to replenish your strength and fight for survival after being stripped of your unholy powers and starved for blood.


During the day, hide in the shadows to avoid being fried to a crisp by the sun. In the dead of night, stalk your prey and prey on them. As a vampire, you must fill your need for blood while strategizing during the day and night.


V Rising Game
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After dusk, unleash your abilities and stalk your prey in the dark. Pillage villages, raid bandits and delve into the territories of supernatural beasts as you explore an open world with friends or solo.


Combining weapons with a variety of spells earned by defeating powerful foes allows you to customize your vampire to fit your play style. In this game of blood, power, and betrayal, raid other players’ castles or become a diplomat. You have the option of competing or cooperating.


V Rising Game
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Build your castle and show off your vampiric style. Decorate your halls to the nines, become the envy of your undead peers, and rule over your dark domain from atop your regal throne.


Attract victims back to your castle and turn them into undead mercenaries. Your loyal servants will die in the defense of your manor, or you can send them out to gather valuable materials so you don’t have to.

V Rising game release date?

The release of the v rising game is May 17, 2022. Stunlock Studios, a 35-person Swedish studio that has been majority-and and we owned by Chinese gaming giant Tencent since July 2021, is working on the game.

V Rising game was released into Steam Early Access on May 17 for £15.49 and sold over 500,000 copies in three days.

Will you follow in the footsteps of Dracula?

Yes, it’sthe samfollowithe follow the footsteps of Dracula. In V Rising game, the player takes on the role of a Dracula battling for survival in a hostile forest world. Draculasarmor armor and weapons to fight beasts while also building elaborate castles by avoiding sunlight and gathering resources such as wood.

They aren’t, however, alone. V Rising game is best enjoyed in a group setting. On servers with 20 or 40 players, players from small clans combat threats such as Dracula hunters, magical monsters, and even each other.

Is V Rising game free-to-play?

No, it’s not. V Rising is a premium PC game, so if you want to play it, you’ll have to buy it. The game is currently in Early Access, and the developers have no plans to release a free-to-play version.

It’s worth noting that the developer’s previous game, Battlerite, sold an Early Access version before making it completely free-to-play. It’s unclear whether V Rising game will follow a similar pattern in the future, but for now, you’ll have to pay to start building your vampire empire.

V Rising Game
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Is V Rising game on console?

Vampires may infest your console in the future, but V Rising game isn’t coming to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, or Xbox anytime soon. While both consoles now have a similar early access section on their respective stores, V Rising game is still in its infancy.

Stunlock Studios has stated that they do not expect to start working on console ports any time soon, as they want to have a finished version of the PC game before juggling two or three different versions.

V Rising Trailer

‘I believe that once we reach full release, people will understand why we wanted this to be a fully fleshed-out experience.’ After that, there are still a lot of things we can do,’ community manager Jeremy Fielding told IGN.

‘It’s such a unique aspect of the genre.’ There are numerous ways to improve and expand your systems. It’s just such a fantastic long-term perspective that we can take.’

V Rising game is available in Early Access on Steam for £15.49.

Will the V-Rising game is on Xbox?

Not yet but will be soon on XBOX.

What type of game is V Rising game?

V Rising game is an isometric vampire survival game in which players customize their vampire and expand their base of operations.

“Awaken as a vampire,” says the Steam product description. To regain your strength, look for blood in nearby settlements while avoiding the scorching sun. Raise your castle and thrive in a mysterious, ever-changing open world. Make online allies and take over the land of the living.”

How much is V Rising game on Steam?

Argentine PesoARS$ 224,99$1.85
 Turkish Lira₺32,00$1.86
 Kazakhstani Tenge2650₸$6.15
 Indian Rupee₹ 529$6.80
 Russian Ruble435 ₽$7.22
 Indonesian RupiahRp 108999$7.52
 Brazilian RealR$ 37,99$7.79
 Vietnamese Dong188000₫$8.10
 South Asia – USD$8.19 
 Colombian PesoCOL$ 31000$8.19
 Thai Baht฿289.00$8.37
 South African RandR 130.00$8.44
 Philippine Peso₱449.95$8.50
 Malaysian RinggitRM39.00$8.87
 Saudi Riyal34.95 SR$9.31
 Chilean PesoCLP$ 7700$9.33
 Ukrainian Hryvnia279₴$9.45
 Mexican PesoMex$ 185.99$9.46
 Peruvian SolS/.37.00$9.91
 Chinese Yuan¥ 70$10.46
 CIS – U.S. Dollar$10.49$10.49
 Taiwan DollarNT$ 318$10.77
 Uruguayan Peso$U429$10.80
 Kuwaiti Dinar3.35 KD$10.93
 Hong Kong DollarHK$ 89.00$11.34
 Qatari Riyal41.99 QR$11.53
 Costa Rican Colon₡8500$12.44
 Singapore DollarS$18.50$13.44
 U.A.E. Dirham53.00 AED$14.42
 Norwegian Krone145,00 kr$15.30
 Japanese Yen¥ 2050$15.32
 New Zealand DollarNZ$ 24.79$15.97
 South Korean Won₩ 20500$16.30
 Polish Zloty71,99zł$16.85
 Canadian DollarCDN$ 22.79$18.16
 British Pound£15.49$19.41
 Swiss FrancCHF 19.50$19.95
 U.S. Dollar$19.99$19.99
 Australian DollarA$ 28.95$20.79
 Israeli New Shekel₪73.95$22.10
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Is V Rising game a single-player?

V Rising game is not a single-player game, in short. It does not have an offline mode or a solo campaign that you can complete on your own.

You must be online to play the game at the time of writing, though you can opt-out of the PvP elements entirely by joining public PvE servers. You can, however, play the game alone to get a feel for it and learn the mechanics before joining other servers.

Simply start a new file and select the option to host a private server when the game loads. If you prefer, you can lock the server and only invite your friends, or you can play alone until you’re ready to mingle with other players.

On a private server, you’ll still need an internet connection, and this is the closest you’ll get to a single-player experience in this game.

Given the fact that V Rising game is still in early access, a solo campaign may be added in the future. However, with the current emphasis on PvP elements, we won’t be seeing that type of content anytime soon.

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