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The Top PUBG Guns To Lock WIN

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There are many categories of weapons used in PUBG, here are the list. in each category we will discuss The Top PUBG Guns. The PUBG weapons categories are:

Top PUBG Guns Categories

  • Ammunition
  • Assault Rifles
  • Designated Marksman Rifles
  • Rifles
  • Submachine Guns
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Light Machine Guns
  • Shotguns
  • Bows
  • Pistols
  • Throwables
  • Melee Weapons
  • Miscellaneous Weapons

Top PUBG Guns in Light Machine Guns


The MG3 is an elite Air Drop weapon and Top PUBG Guns

The MG3 is an elite Air Drop weapon. It highlights two shooting modes:

  1. the default that will discharge at 660 round each moment (incredible for long reach battles)
  2. or when flipped the weapon the discharge at 990 round each moment (extraordinary for tight situation battle).

The MG3 comes standard with a bi-unit and with the flipped 990 round each moment setting, it’s an incredible method for halting individuals crossing bridges.

This LMG is a flat out force to be reckoned with, especially against adversary vehicles however has a lot of utility against troops, as well. You’ll just observe it in a stockpile carton, however it worths.

Equipped for both 990 and 660 RPM that can be flipped between, as well as a bipod for added strength while playing defensively, it’s the ideal “holdout” weapon. The magazine has 75 rounds, yet with the chance to utilize an up to 6x extension, you’ll can pick your shots.

Without the bipod, the firearm tends to pull back, however in the event that you can situate yourself behind cover, you can cut down portion of the contestants in a match assuming you get the situating right.

Decoy Grenade

Top PUBG Guns Decoy Grenade
Decoy Grenade

Another expansion, bait explosives are another kind of throwable that mimic gunfire sounds to attract adversaries or cover your own exit. These keep going for a really sizeable ten seconds.

It’s just accessible in Sanhok, yet it’s great for getting a foe to take no notice so you can scramble toward cover. You can even “cook” the explosive, so you can choose where rapidly it goes off.

Perplex your adversaries and cover your developments with the new Decoy Grenade. Accessible as world plunder on Sanhok, the Decoy Grenade will make counterfeit terminating sounds for around 10 seconds after tossed, giving you a couple of seconds to take your action.

The Decoy Grenade is another throwable which mirrors shot sounds. Deliberately made to be utilized as a strategic thing to occupy and outmaneuver your adversaries.

Assault Rifles 


Top PUBG Guns

Contrasted with the other 5.56mm attack rifles, in its unmodified express the M416 is genuinely like the others other than its somewhat quicker pace of discharge contrasted with the SCAR-L, but its solid focuses are the way that it can acknowledge the most changes of any of the attack rifles, tolerating gag, magazine, stock, lower and upper rail connections, too has having excellent soundness, just dominated by the AUG. A completely altered M416 is in this manner exceptionally pursued as its extremely low backlash considers controllable completely programmed fire, even with a 4x ACOG Scope connected.

The M416 will bargain greatest harm out to 60 meters, with harm arriving at the very least at 445 meters.


Top PUBG Guns

The AKM has the most elevated single shot harm of all the normal attack rifles, and is incredible for any individual who is certain of hitting headshots. Only two shots to the face will be sufficient to bring down any individual who isn’t shaking a level three cap, so with single discharge mode and a respectable degree you will pop heads the entire day. Running the AKM as a solitary shot reinforcement AR or as a pseudo rifleman is really smart. Depending on it to splash at medium reach isn’t.


Top PUBG Guns

The M16A4 is an attack rifle type weapon in BATTLEGROUNDS. Supplanting the US military’s M14 as its standard help rifle, the primary M16s were presented in 1964 during the Vietnam War where they immediately grew a notorious standing for reliablity issues, among different issues. Criticism from war zone experience was then used to refine and work on the firearm throughout the long term and thus, numerous subsidiaries and variations of the M16 have been made, with the fourth era M16A4 being the most recent turn of events. Generally took on by militaries all over the planet, in BATTLEGROUNDS it ends up being an attack rifle more appropriate for longer reach commitment.


The SCAR-L is an assault rifle type weapon in BATTLEGROUNDS.

The SCAR-L is the light variety of the FN SCAR (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle), a gas-worked short-stroke gas chamber robotized rifle stacked to a collection of cartridges. It was at first advanced by FN Herstal for the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) as a part to the SCAR Competition, a challenge to notice the new help rifle for SOCOM. Beginning around 2015, the SCAR gathering of rifles is in help in more than 20 countries. In BATTLEGROUNDS, it turns out to be a reasonable rifle with a more quiet gag report and incredible strength.



The Vector is a submachine firearm type weapon in BATTLEGROUNDS. Presented in the Early Access Month 1 Update of 2017, the Vector utilizes an offbeat postponed blowback framework to relieve draw back, making it more straightforward to control programmed fire at short proximities.


The UMP is maybe the best all over SMG – it’s strong close up, yet dissimilar to most other SMG’s it can cause harm at medium reach too. The large benefit is that it runs on 9mm ammunition, which is so normal you would battle to have under 100 in each game. This is generally an incredible choice for an auxiliary weapon and could be brought together with an expert rifleman.



The Saiga-12K (alluded to as the S12K in-game) is a shotgun in BATTLEGROUNDS. A self-loader, magazine took care of 12-measure shotgun, it can set out a revolting measure of harm over a wide region since it needn’t bother with to be physically cycled between shots.

What the S12K needs range, it makes up in sheer volume. The S12K is an overwhelming weapon at short proximity while its self-loader activity makes killing different adversaries simpler than with its siphon activity or twofold barrel partners. The weapon additionally enjoys an upper hand over different shotguns in its reloading time due to being magazine-taken care of. While its pace of shoot permits four shells to be released in the span of one second, the outrageous backlash implies placing numerous continuous shots into the planned objective troublesome.


In performance games the twofold barrelled S686 can be an incredible weapon. In the event that you hit the two shots at short proximity, your rivals have zero chance, yet assuming you go over two or three individuals together you will lose that battle. You must be sure while utilizing this, as one missed shot will mean ruin. The S12K is normally a more secure choice.

Pistols in Top PUBG Guns

Top PUBG Guns in P18C

The P18C is a programmed auxiliary and in light of this it’s the least harming gun in the game. Regardless of this, it really flaunts the most noteworthy harm each second of the multitude of guns, in any event, equaling submachine weapons concerning utility.

The P18C is the best auxiliary in the game as far as putting down lead downrange in a rush and might actually once in a while be utilized as an essential assuming you wish to do as such. The high pace of fire implies a lot of harm each second however with a fairly high backlash, so clients could utilize the P18C with connections like sights and barrel connections.

This weapon isn’t reasonable for long-range commitment, yet as a reinforcement gun, you should rest assured to put targets loaded with openings in the event that you have some control over it.

Sniper Rifles


The Karabiner 98 Kurz (Kar98k) is an exemplary manual rifle weapon in BATTLEGROUNDS.

The Karabiner 98 Kurz is the abbreviated subsidiary of the Mauser 98 chambered in 7.92x57mm Mauser. Taken on by the German Wehrmacht in 1935, it is viewed as the apex of manual action plan of that period. The Mauser activity has been almost all around duplicated in each manual rifle since its presentation.

The Kar98k is exceptionally sought after in view of its capacity to bargain lethal harm against players wearing level 2 head protectors, with just level 3 head protectors ready to safeguard their wearers from a single shot kills expecting they are at over 85% wellbeing. Along these lines, it is a generally excellent weapon for long-range commitment without having the gamble of going to airdrops for the other manual action expert sharpshooter rifles. Its principal downsides are its sluggish reload time while reloading, with full reloads just being fairly quicker than reloading projectiles exclusively, and its somewhat sluggish shot speed remunerated with higher harm, making it more testing to draw in far off foes, especially assuming they are moving.

The Kar98k will bargain greatest harm out to 100 meters after which point harm will diminish, arriving at its base at 485 meters.

Mini 14

As far as an inside and out weapon the Mini 14 is without a doubt the best expert rifleman. It can assume the job of significant distance harm with a decent degree, and it can likewise be spent close if necessary, on account of a quick fire rates (in the event that you have a decent trigger finger). The harm isn’t astounding yet you ought to effectively have the option to hit several shots in succession. The Mini is genuinely a level one weapon and one you ought to continuously hope to take on the off chance that you don’t as of now have a Kar98k or an expert marksman from an air drop.

SKS in Top PUBG Guns

The SKS (Samozaryadny Karabin sistemy Simonova) is an assigned marksman rifle, being a center ground between an ordinary attack rifle and a rifleman rifle. Subsequently, this rifle succeeds in medium-range battle and packs wrecking halting power on the off chance that a client can deal with this weapon really in CQC (close-quarter battle), however will be less successful in lengthy to outrageous battle as it comes up short on accuracy of committed expert marksman rifles. Players who wish to utilize a weapon with high harm, pace of shoot and long reach viability ought to search for the SKS, as it is one of a handful of the weapons with such properties.This firearm additionally has the advantage of tolerating the most connections out of all the expert marksman rifles. The SKS shown and utilized in PUBG is a Chinese F.D.E. variant made by Tapco.

The SKS isn’t without its drawbacks nonetheless. Its standard limit magazine of just 10 rounds, joined with high backlash and high accuracy contrasted with the programmed rifles require the client to stop to land predictable shots, which thusly makes them an obvious objective. Utilize this for your potential benefit on the off chance that you realize your aggressor is utilizing one of these. Something else to remember would include shots in the magazine; assuming you hear the adversary shoot off 10 shots, you can utilize that opportunity to change your situation or advance on the shooter, in spite of the fact that there is the gamble that they have broadened mags on the weapon and may basically be hanging tight for you to uncover yourself.

Air Drop Weapons


All of the air drop weapons are astonishing decisions and things you should 100 percent run assuming you find the opportunity, however there is no question that the AWM is by a wide margin the best, and effectively the best firearm in the game. The AWM will a single shot everybody assuming that you hit them in the head, regardless of whether they are shaking a level three protective cap. Regardless of whether somebody has a level two vest it will just endure two shots to cut them down. There truly is not a glaringly obvious explanation not to utilize the AWM on the off chance that you observe one, it truly feels somewhat overwhelmed. Albeit good luck hitting shots in the event that you have no sort of optic to put on it, that iron sight is terrible.


The M249 isn’t what you would call unobtrusive. With a 100 round clasp of 5.56 ammunition it can tear through any adversaries and will explode a vehicle in practically no time. Shower and implore is actually the situation here, and giving you have some degree of exactness it turns out to be ludicrously simple to get kills at close and medium reach. Obviously you want to watch out for ammunition levels, however even with only 100 ammunition (which you ought to find with it) it merits running, generally on the grounds that it is incredible amusing to fire.

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