Top 10 Best Characters In God of War Ragnarok

Top 10 Best Characters In God of War Ragnarok

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The heavier emphasis on world-building, narrative, and strong character execution in the more recent God of War entries contrasts sharply with that of the earlier games in the franchise. Now, God of War Ragnarok expands on those established in the previous game by adding even more significant Norse Gods to the mix. Let find the Top 10 Best Characters in God of War Ragnarok

Before 2018, Kratos was the only one facing off against the enormous boss forms of Greek Gods, which revealed more intricate design than the layers of significance to their existence. However, God of War Ragnarok has no shortage of interesting characters; some of the best are listed below.

Top 10 Best Characters In God of War Ragnarok

1.    Atreus

Top 10 Best Characters In God of War Ragnarok

It would be an understatement to say that Atreus is dealing with a lot in Ragnarok. Atreus really just represents any young adolescent struggling with issues of identity, grief, the pressures of living up to their parent’s expectations, and carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders when all the mythological fantasy elements are removed from the story. Atrures are 1 in Top 10 Best Characters In God of War Ragnarok.

2.    Mimir

Top 10 Best Characters In God of War Ragnarok

God of War wouldn’t have been the same game without Alastair Duncan’s outstanding portrayal of the sarcastic decapitated head of Mimir following Krato’s torso. Mimir comes across as a real friend who gives the narrative a lot of depth and individuality. His conversations are always equally funny and interesting, and there is never a dull moment.

Mimir was also a victim of Odin’s wrath, his body imprisoned to the branches of an unbreakable tree for all eternity until Kratos, at his request, severed his head, and Freya, using her magic, restored it. Being the Norse God of Wisdom, he never holds back when it comes to imparting his extensive knowledge of the Nine Realms and the relationships between all the Aesir characters.

3.    Freya

Top 10 Best Characters In God of War Ragnarok

One of the most intricate and carefully considered characters, Freya is now much more prominent in Ragnarok than she was in the original game. She first appears in God of War as a mystifying healer who frequently assists Kratos; however, later on, it is revealed that she was once Odin’s wife and the mother of their foe Baldur.

Freya still harbours bitter hatred toward Kratos for killing Baldur, as shown in Ragnarok, but she eventually reconciles and re-establishes herself as an ally. She reveals more fascinating information about her past, particularly regarding her relationship with her brother. During the decisive battle, she also changes into a falcon and engages in a conversation with Odin deserving of an Oscar.

4.    Faye

Top 10 Best Characters In God of War Ragnarok

Kratos’ wife requested that her ashes be scattered from Jotunheim’s highest peak before she passed away at the beginning of the first game. Only occasionally mentioned and never seen in her natural state, Faye was still included in Ragnarok and her inclusion improved the narrative.

Faye briefly appears by paying Kratos a visit in his dreams, and those scenes give us a deeper understanding of their relationship and how their personalities clashed. She is portrayed as the voice of reason, with a kind and loving disposition that occasionally veers into play, as when she calls Kratos “Grumbles.”

5.    Angrboda

Top 10 Best Characters In God of War Ragnarok

Atreus’ storyline features Angrboda, or Loki as she prefers, who was largely absent from the lore and conversation in the previous book. She is now by herself in Ironwood after all the giants in Jotunheim perished. She comes across as socially awkward as a result in her first encounter with Atreus.

She and Atreus share many traits and can connect on many levels, including the fact that they are both young giants, she lost both of her parents, and her life is influenced by destiny. As the plot develops, Angrboda and Atreus become more intimate, and their friendship soon shows signs of romance. As Angrboda and Loki are wed in Norse mythology, this might be what happens next in a sequel.

6.    Ratatoskr

Top 10 Best Characters In God of War Ragnarok

The hilarious talking squirrel Ratatoskr makes an unexpected comeback in God of War Ragnarok, this time in his incredibly endearing physical form. The blue spectral Ratatoskr could be obtained in the 2018 game and given to Atreus as a rune. Ratatoskr will be called upon by it, and he will go underground to gather either green or red orbs, always responding angrily and profanely.

The World Tree, also known as Yggdrasil, which houses a Mystic Gateway that the dwarves Brok and Sindri made accessible for simpler travel between the realms, is Rattatoskr’s domain in Ragnarok. There you first meet Ratatoskr, a friendly squirrel who you can interact with on a constant basis and who explains that his spectral versions are unsavoury personalities of his.

7.    Kratos

Top 10 Best Characters In God of War Ragnarok

The titular character, who defines this series, should not be overlooked. Here, Kratos starts to change, showing more of his vulnerability and emotion in relation to his duties as a father to Atreus and ensuring that he is not being misled by forces beyond his control.

Kratos still has a tough guy exterior and lets out his trademark gruff, but his walls are softening and he is gradually opening up to those around him. Although he’s grown weary of bloodshed, God of War wouldn’t exist without it. Additionally, Ragnarok makes using Kratos’ weapons on foes a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

8.    Tyr

Top 10 Best Characters In God of War Ragnarok

Odin may have tricked Baldur and Thor into performing his evil deeds, but he gave his son Tyr a worse fate. Until his father betrayed him and kept him imprisoned while ordering the slaughter of his family, he was the giant son of Odin and a Norse God of War. Tyr has recovered fully from the trauma of spending so much time in a cell.

He embodies the idea of a gentle giant and is the antithesis of his true nature, as evidenced by his naive fear and mistrust of fleeing from Kratos after being set free, as well as his calm voice that perpetually calls for peace rather than conflict. That is, until one of the most shocking turns in the game reveals that he was actually Odin all along, and he brutally murders Brok.

9.    Thor

Top 10 Best Characters In God of War Ragnarok

The Thor that appears in God of War Ragnarok deviates from the kind-hearted hero that Marvel portrays him as and is more closely modeled to his mythology. He drinks a lot, brags about killing giants, and wants Kratos’ head. He sort of stands in for all the old tendencies and behaviours that Kratos displayed when he massacred the Greek Gods in the earlier God of War games.

The Thor from Ragnarok also has a lot of admirable traits. He shows love and care for his kids and is a devoted husband and grieving father. And near the end of the game, he finally comes to his senses and decides against killing Kratos, defying his father in the process. Thor had many memorable moments, particularly during the Atreus questline, which increased the impact of his passing.

10. Odin in Top 10 Best Characters In God of War Ragnarok

Top 10 Best Characters In God of War Ragnarok

Odin was frequently referenced in God of War through dialogue and the collectible ravens Kratos could slay, but he first appears in Ragnarok’s opening act. He may not appear to be a master manipulator at first, but he develops into the game’s main antagonist and meets a satisfying end at the hands of Kratos and his allies.

Odin declares himself an understandable person and wants peace between Kratos and his living son Thor, despite his initial anger toward Kratos for the death of his son Baldur. Underneath it all, though, is a despicable figure, obsessed with power and control, which makes his sons carry out his orders and later kills Thor for refusing to kill Kratos.

In addition to his amazing magic and shape-shifting skills, what makes him the best is the development and relatability of his character. Even though he struggled with the realization that he was Loki, lost his mother, his beloved wolf, and may soon lose his father, he never allowed it to change who he is.

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