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The Gotham Knights Is A Huge Letdown

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Reviews of the Gotham Knights are coming in from players, and most fans are dissatisfied with the outcome. The remarks are that the Gotham Knights is a huge letdown.

Recently released Gotham Knights have just received their first reviews, and they don’t sound too promising. Some critics praise the game, some fans are unimpressed by the story, and some people are relieved that they cancelled their preorder after learning that the game would not have a Performance Mode and following unconfirmed reports that the game was spying on players.

Those seem to be the least of its issues, per a Kotaku report. It turns out that in addition to performance issues, the game is also experiencing technical difficulties and framerate drops. The gaming community is used to games having bugs when they first come out, so Gotham Knights’ lagging framerates are nothing new. Overwatch 2 was unavailable for a full day after launch; at least this one can be played. The overall story of the game and the lack of distinctive flavouring that would set the Bat-family apart from their mentor are the game’s flaws. Sounds a lot like a letdown after an extended wait.

Some have criticised Gotham Knights as nothing more than a content checklist, with generic material taken directly from Rocksteady’s 2015 game Arkham Knight, which just released on the Nintendo Switch. The newest game, however, isn’t really comparable to Arkham Knight. Others have praised the game’s narrative while some have called the story “bland.” However, everyone seemed to agree that the combat gameplay is an overly-complicated rendition of the combat mechanics we previously saw in Arkham Knight, with added co-op elements.

The Gotham Knights Is A Huge Letdown

Although comparing Gotham Knights to Arkham Knight might be unfair, the seven-year-old game set the bar for Batman-related video games so high that it’s possible that no game will ever truly fill its shoes. It’s important to note that although the two games have a similar universe, they aren’t really connected. Unfortunately, Gotham Knights stumbled and broke its nose where Arkham Knights shone. The previous game had it all: strategies, travel, puzzles, and Batman’s crazy toolkit.

On the other hand, Gotham Knights primarily emphasises cooperative combat elements (though you can solo the game). Unfortunately, there is a lot of grinding involved in order to advance the plot and unlock better gear to improve your character’s ability to survive. For instance, the game doesn’t provide any information about where a specific villain went after escaping. So, in order to discover their potential hiding places and precisely where the villain is hiding, you must rough up some of their henchmen.

The Batman universe, in which the Caped Crusader roams the streets and collects the information he requires, fits in well with these elements. However, the flimsy combat mechanics make “acquiring” information through melee attacks a chore rather than a fun gaming experience. In addition, the game’s customization and unnecessary gear crafting systems add popular content, but they do so incoherently. Gotham Knights could have done better.

To be completely honest, WB Games produced some of the top video games of the last ten years, but they also ruined a number of others. The sequel, Shadow of War, was meant to be an improvement over Shadow of Mordor because it had fantastic gameplay without overly complicated systems. Instead, despite having a great story, the game’s systems became overly complicated. We can only hope that the previously revealed Wonder Woman game won’t follow the same fate.

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