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Odin god of war ragnarök

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Odin god of war ragnarök (Old Norse: inn), also known as the Allfather, is a well-known figure in the Norse era of God of War. He is the Norse God of the Sky, War, Death, Wisdom, Poetry, and Magic as well as the King of Asgard, Ruler of Valhalla, and the Head of the Aesir Gods.

He is the oldest son of Borr, the grandfather of Magni, Modi, Forseti, and Thrd, the father of Thor, Tr, Heimdall, and Baldur, the wife of Fjörgyn (who is now widowed), and the ex-husband of Freya.

He is responsible for the events in God of War (2018) and eventually started the series’ plot by instructing Baldur to find the Last Guardian at Kratos’ Cabin. Odin god of war ragnarök is the main antagonist of God of War: Ragnarök after his son dies at the hands of Kratos.

odin god of war ragnarök

Viking mythology

The Chief God of Norse mythology was Odin god of war ragnarök, also referred to as Woden and Wotan.

In heroic literature, Odin god of war ragnarök was portrayed as the protector of heroes, and he was joined in Valhalla by slain soldiers. Sleipnir, a legendary steed with eight legs, teeth engraved with runes, and the power to gallop through the air and over the water, belonged to him. One of the most skilled wizards among the Gods, Odin god of war ragnarök was connected to runes. He was also known as the Poets’ God. He appeared to be an elderly man with a beard that was flowing and only one eye.

He was typically shown carrying his Gungnir spear, a legendary weapon that, when thrown, never misses its intended target, and donning a cloak and a wide-brimmed hat.

Frigg, the daughter of Fjorgynn and an unidentified mother, is one of his many wives.

God of War World


Odin god of war ragnarök was the great-grandson of Borr, the founder of the Aesir gods, who had descended from Ymir, the original Giant and source of all life, who was also one of Borr’s sons. Odin god of war ragnarök, along with his brothers Vili and Vé, killed Ymir and anyone else who stood in their way, taking the role of the “Allfather,” but unlike Ymir, he believed that the Aesir were deserving of being the supreme rulers of the Nine Realms.

As a result, all Jötnar were drowned in Ymir’s blood, with the exception of Bergelmir and his wife. Ymir’s torn flesh would then be used by Odin god of war ragnarök to construct the realm of Midgard. Odin god of war ragnarök eventually produced Ask and Embla, the first humans.

Odin god of war ragnarök noticed a reality tear that was created when Ymir was killed because it caught his attention. He experienced existentialist episodes before realising that they go far beyond the Nine Realms. After coming to this realization, he launched an extensive investigation to learn the truth about the reality tear.

This also marked the beginning of his obsession with knowledge, as he actively sought out more information and showed a strong aptitude for learning. He established Asgard at this time and crowned himself king of the Aesir.

Odin god of war ragnarök

He even solidified this by erecting a Grand Lodge above the reality crack and a research facility beneath it, where he would start gathering more knowledge from all of the Nine Realms.

He took control of Valhalla and the nine Valkyries who guarded it despite the best efforts of their Queen to stop him, seeing the need to enlarge Asgard’s military. Later, he would use the limitless pool of the dead in Valhalla to produce an endless stream of superhuman soldiers for the Asgardian army.

This was a part of his future strategy to try to prevent Ragnarök, a catastrophic occurrence that was foretold to occur and result in the apocalypse and the deaths of the majority of the Norse Gods. Odin god of war ragnarök would only allow the greatest warriors who had died in battle to enter Valhalla to one day serve as his own personal army, with the Valkyries acting as his recruiters and trainers in that regard. This was done to prepare for this looming threat.

He banished everyone else to Helheim, a frozen wasteland.

A “Mystic Well of Knowledge” that was actually laced with enough magic mushrooms to give even a powerful god like him visions, Mimir once brought Mmisbrunnr to Odin god of war ragnarök. Odin god of war ragnarök was initially so impressed with this well that he began to want to rip out both of his eyes from what he saw in his hallucinations. Fortunately, Mimir stopped him from completing the task and persuaded him that he had sacrificed his eye for wisdom. But despite the fact that Odin god of war ragnarök recognised Mimir’s deception right away, he still appointed him as his adviser because of his extraordinary intelligence. Odin god of war ragnarök removed one of Mimir’s eyes and tortured him every day after locking up his advisor.

To build a statue of Thor and conceal Mimir’s amputated eye, Odin god of war ragnarök also looked for Brok and Sindri. The statue had to be built despite the dwarfs’ protests.

In an effort to have strong offspring, Odin god of war ragnarök also started marrying more women around this time. When the Giant Skai rejected his advances at some point during their journey, Odin god of war ragnarök tricked her into killing her own father out of petty jealousy, which unintentionally resulted in her own death. In addition, Odin god of war ragnarök wed Fjörgyn, a giantess from whom he conceived Thor. Odin god of war ragnarök was devastated by Fjörgyn’s passing and was left alone for a long time after Thor was born. During this time, Odin god of war ragnarök had at least two additional wives, one of whom gave birth to Tr and the other to Heimdall.

Odin god of war ragnarök

At one point, Odin god of war ragnarök encountered the stone giant Hrungnir. Amused by the latter’s gullibility, Odin god of war ragnarök invited him to Asgard, got him drunk, and provoked him into all sorts of boasts and antics. Even the threat that Hrungnir would kill all the Aesir and take all the women of Asgard back to Jötunheim was taken as a joke.

However, it came to an end when Thor killed the stone giant and was subsequently crushed by his corpse. Odin god of war ragnarök then ordered all of his men to remove it from Thor, but none of the Aesir were strong enough to do so, and Thor himself was too inebriated to do so. It wasn’t until the arrival of Odin god of war ragnarök’s grandchildren Magni and Modi that they were able to set him free.

Odin god of war ragnarök continued to wage war against the other realms after establishing his authority as the “Allfather,” conquering and subduing Alfheim, Svartalfheim, and Niflheim; Muspelheim and Jotunheim remained outside of his control. He didn’t run into any real problems until he and the Aesir ran into the Vanir, a rival tribe of Gods from the realm of Vanaheim; the two forces fought nonstop until they eventually came to a standstill. Both parties eventually agreed to marry Freya in order to put an end to the fighting and allow Odin god of war ragnarök to covertly study her magic at this point.

Together, they gave birth to Baldur, Odin god of war ragnarök’s youngest son. Mimir observed that their relationship seemed to resemble that of Odin god of war ragnarök and Fjörgyn for a time, with Odin god of war ragnarök treating her with love and caving in to the majority of her requests, allowing the Valkyries some freedom when she desired it. With his treatment of the Giants, misuse of her knowledge, and betrayal of her trust, Freya eventually turned her back on Odin god of war ragnarök and left. Because of his intense rage and sense of betrayal, the Allfather cursed her, ordering her to stay imprisoned in Midgard and to never harm another living thing, not even in self-defense or as petty retaliation.

Odin god of war ragnarök was also intrigued by the mysteries of the Giants and Jötunheim. However, he turned against them and began a genocide campaign against any Giant the Aesir could discover. His son Tr invited Odin god of war ragnarök to a summit with the Giants in an effort to broker peace, but Odin god of war ragnarök only consented to receive the Jotunheim secrets. Odin god of war ragnarök was exiled from the land of the giants because they foresaw this. The Giants’ secrets were then permanently resisted by Tr, which led to Tr’s imprisonment by Odin god of war ragnarök.

God of War (2018)

He doesn’t actually appear in the game, but he is frequently brought up by a number of characters. Mimir was previously imprisoned by him, and he personally tormented him every day. He also dispatched Baldur to find out Faye’s whereabouts because the giantess has long been a source of friction for the Aesir.

He uses a large group of icy ravens, known as the Eyes of Odin god of war ragnarök, to observe the world and collect data. These ravens can all be eliminated by Kratos. In addition, Odin god of war ragnarök has hidden chambers all over the world with murals of legendary scenes and a doorway to a Valkyrie’s prison.

Appearance of odin god of war ragnarök

Odin god of war ragnarök is depicted as an elderly, slender man of average height with white-gray hair and a beard, pale skin, an azure blue left eye, and an eyepatch on his right eye from having been sacrificed. He typically dresses elegantly in a light blue shirt, brown pants, and a large brown jacket that he wears as a cape. He also frequently dons a nordic cold cap.


“Ruthless? Barbaric? Heartless? Odin god of war ragnarök is there.

Mimir claims that Odin god of war ragnarök, like his Greek counterpart Zeus before Kratos killed him, is extremely paranoid about anything and everything that he believes might have even the slightest chance of endangering his rule and that of the Aesir. This extended to the Giants, the Vanir, and even his adored son Tr. Additionally, Mimir claimed that Odin god of war ragnarök is extremely intelligent, almost as intelligent as Odin god of war ragnarök thinks he is, since he was able to deduce that Kratos and Atreus played a significant role in the arrival of Ragnarök, perhaps as a result of Gróa’s prophecy.

Similar to how Zeus felt about Kratos, it is implied that he is terrified of him. However, unlike the Olympian, he knows nothing about Kratos other than the fact that he is incredibly strong and has killed Modi, Magni, and Baldur.

Odin god of war ragnarök also jealously guards all the information and secrets he gathered. He betrayed and tricked numerous revered Norse mythological characters who had knowledge he did not, and once he had it, he cruelly destroyed them. Odin god of war ragnarök, according to Mimir, is obsessed with prophecies of the future and prides himself on being “all-knowing and all-seeing,” but his motivation to rule the future, determine his fate, and rule over every realm is more important. Mimir took advantage of this by offering him a “well of knowledge” that allowed him to see visions, not realising that it was actually a well with water laced with hallucinogenic mushrooms. Mimir used this to his advantage to become his advisor.

Odin god of war ragnarök is also said to have the capacity for extreme cruelty, as evidenced by the fact that he regularly tortured Mimir while he was imprisoned. He also betrayed the Jötunn, Ymir, at the beginning of all things under the self-righteous belief that he and the Aesir were bringing order to the realms and ordered his strongest son Thor to kill every Jötunn he could find. He and his brothers really did think they were better and deserved to be. He may have loved and cared for Freya in the beginning, but throughout their marriage, he faked love for her in order to learn how to use her Vanir magic for his own gain.

Odin god of war ragnarök was furious when Freya began to rebel against him after he got what he wanted, even going so far as to call the marriage off. He then exiled her to Midgard for all time and stripped the goddess of her warrior spirit, making it impossible for her to harm anyone or defend herself. In an effort to exact revenge for Freya’s rebellion, he wrongfully transformed the Valkyries into hideous beasts by binding them to physical forms; in doing so, he endangered the safety of Helheim by dangerously overfilling it with the souls of the dead. He closed Asgard’s gates and left the Nine Realms to suffer through the Desolation.

Odin god of war ragnarök exhibits petty resentment to an almost amusing degree, as evidenced by the fact that he never forgot how Mimir had tricked him when they first met. Odin god of war ragnarök took Mimir’s eye and imprisoned and tortured him every day for more than a century after he finally lost favour. Additionally, when he failed to complete the deal he had made with the impersonated Hrimthur to complete Asgard’s walls, he pretended to uphold his end of the bargain by allowing the builder to speak with Freya, only for the Allfather to later turn on the Giant and order Thor to kill him.

Additionally, after Skai rejected his advances, he tricked her into killing her own father during a hunt, leading Skai to eventually pass away from her own grief.

Since he sincerely believes that his way is the only way and that the Aesir are destined to be the Supreme Rulers of the universe, it is implied that Odin god of war ragnarök may have both a superiority complex and an inferiority complex. However, he appears to lose all composure when someone or something challenges these beliefs.

Many people, including Freya and Mimir, claim that Odin god of war ragnarök’s paranoia and hatred of giants are caused by his fear of his own fate, which is said to be at the hands of them. He also harbours jealousy and a desire for the Giants’ precognitive powers, hoping to use them to change his destiny when Ragnarok occurs. Perhaps this is the only point of agreement between the Allfather and Kratos, who disbelieves in fate.

Overall, Odin god of war ragnarök has earned the utter hatred of many characters, including the Vanir, Freya, The World Serpent, Mimir, and even the Valkyries, due to his depraved deeds throughout the ages.

But without the capacity to love and trust others, Odin god of war ragnarök is incomplete. He was renowned for having genuinely loved Fjörgyn despite his subsequent hatred of the Giants; they eventually got married and had Thor, his most powerful son, together. Even Mimir admits that Odin god of war ragnarök was upset and lonely after the loss of his great love because her death caused him such grief and sadness.

Mimir suggested that he marry Freya in order to ease his suffering and put an end to the Aesir-Vanir War. Mimir noticed that during this period, Odin god of war ragnarök’s happiness with Fjörgyn had returned, and although he had married Freya in part to put an end to the war (as well as to learn her seir magic), he treated her lovingly and granted the majority of her wishes. In fact, Odin god of war ragnarök had granted so many of Freya’s wishes to him that, according to Mimir, even he had lost track of how many wishes she had made to him willingly. Because Freya wanted it, he was willing to grant the Valkyries some level of freedom.

Their bond eventually frayed as a result of Odin god of war ragnarök’s growing obsession with Ragnarök and the Jötnar, which led Freya to dissolve the marriage. It is clear from Odin god of war ragnarök’s response to Freya’s betrayal that he did harbour romantic feelings for her and that their divorce left him feeling deeply betrayed.

As he attempts to stop Ragnarök (an event that would go on to kill countless innocent people including the Aesir and the Vanir), it is implied that Odin god of war ragnarök’s intentions were initially good, if misguided, and he truly wanted what was best for his people and everyone else in general.

However, centuries of unchallenged rule, unrestricted power, and a lifetime of futile attempts to succeed had gradually hardened him to the point where he was unable, or perhaps unwilling, to accept that his actions and the actions of his fellow Aesir was having a negative effect and was actually leading them all ironically into causing the very disaster that he was trying to avoid for so long.

In contrast to his other son Tr, he is known to have had a great deal of faith and confidence in his sons Thor, Heimdall, and Baldur. This is probably because he realised that Tr’s demeanour was inappropriate for an Aesir.

While Heimdall read minds for him and was given the responsibility of protecting Asgard, Odin god of war ragnarök was confident that Thor could eliminate the Giants on his own. He also thought of Baldur as his best tracker. Odin god of war ragnarök promised his son that if he located the Jötunn Guardian, he would find a way to remove the invulnerability spell Freya cast on Baldur, despite the fact that it appears that he was unable to do so. Since Baldur agreed to it regardless, it can be assumed that Odin god of war ragnarök is willing to go to great lengths to reward and keep promises he made to his children should they remain obedient and accomplish a noteworthy enough deed. It is unknown whether Odin god of war ragnarök’s promise was sincere or simply a lie to motivate Baldur.

The best examples of how Odin god of war ragnarök has punished his sons for failing are the imprisonment of Tr after he correctly discerned his alliance with the Giants and the revocation of his promise to lift Baldur’s curse after the Light God repeatedly failed to bring him Kratos and Atreus.

Odin god of war ragnarök is a master manipulator and liar. He only pretended to be friends with Gróa in order to murder her and take her library. Mimir claims that Odin god of war ragnarök tricked Baldur into thinking that going with Kratos and Atreus to Jötunheim would provide the solution to his son’s immortality.

As demonstrated when, rather than killing Hrungnir, one of the Giants, Odin god of war ragnarök instead was greatly amused by his gullible nature and chose to have him entertain him and his court, as well as forget any personal offences as long as said offender would willingly prove to be a value to him, he also appears to be willing to show mercy to his enemies should they provide amusement for the Allfather.

Even Mimir acknowledged that Odin god of war ragnarök trusted him for a long time before taking his advice of peace as a sign of disloyalty and binding him to his prison tree while not allowing anyone to harm his former advisor. This was demonstrated when he allowed Mimir to become his advisor despite knowing all along that Mimir had tricked him into removing his eye.

Powers and Abilities odin god of war ragnarök

  • Odin god of war ragnarök is incredibly strong and might be the most powerful person of his kind. He is the King of the Aesir Gods. He was regarded as the most powerful Aesir of his time, along with his brothers Vé and Vili. Odin god of war ragnarök, despite appearing frail, is a terrifyingly powerful combatant in physical combat and most particularly in spellcasting, using a combination of both along with his signature weapon to decimate and overwhelm enemies. He, the Sorcerer Master, proved to be a formidable foe to Kratos, Freya, and Atreus, holding his own against all three of them simultaneously with little difficulty before succumbing to the combined might of his extremely talented foes.
  • Being a Norse God, Odin god of war ragnarök is immortal and has lived for countless years. He can only be killed by a powerful enough weapon or a superhuman being like Fenrir.
  • Superhuman Strength: As the King of the Aesir and at least two times stronger than Baldur and Tyr, Odin god of war ragnarök must possess extraordinary superhuman strength. He might even be stronger than his son Thor, the God of Strength, even though they are not physically comparable. Only Starkar, Fenrir, and Surtr are known to be stronger than him; the latter would require both Odin god of war ragnarök and Thor to defeat in Ragnarok, and the former is the one destined to devour Odin god of war ragnarök to death.
  • Odin god of war ragnarök must possess superhuman durability because he managed to survive a fight with Ymir, the first being to exist and the most potent of the Frost Giants. Odin god of war ragnarök also prevails in a conflict with Surtr, the most powerful Fire Giant and the brother of Ymir, during Ragnarök.
  • Odin god of war ragnarök is a master of many magical arts, including ancient magic, and is a very strong and talented sorcerer. Freya taught him Seir as well. In addition to his physical prowess, Odin god of war ragnarök is the only Aesir God who uses magic, making him an even more formidable opponent.
  • Spellcasting: Odin god of war ragnarök learned a wide range of Seir spells and curses through Freya’s teachings, which he has employed both for his own gain and to terribly harm his enemies. These are all the spells and curses that he has employed throughout history:
    • To prevent people from climbing the tallest mountain in Midgard, Odin god of war ragnarök created Black Breath, a corruption of magic. It could only be vanquished by the pure Light of Alfheim.
    • Curses: Despite her well-known Vanir abilities, Freya is unable to lift Odin god of war ragnarök’s curses because they are so strong. He has the power to stop people from leaving a realm and to turn the Valkyries into monstrous physical representations of themselves, rendering them unable to perform their duties of carrying the fallen warriors to Valhalla.
    • Concealing Spell: Odin god of war ragnarök has the ability to hide events from others, even if they involve strong seers with foresight.
    • Knowledge Absorption: Similar to how he did with the seir Gróa, Odin god of war ragnarök is able to magically absorb other people’s knowledge into himself.
    • Protection Magic: He has the ability to use strong protection enchantments to render objects impervious to damage, such as the tree Mimir was chained to becoming impervious to Thor’s hammer.
    • Realm Travel Block: He stopped Asgard, Svartalfheim, and Vanaheim from being accessible through the travel runes on T’r’s temple.
    • Mystical Ravens: As the Raven King, Odin god of war ragnarök has the power to call forth ravens made of green luminescent crystal that can observe beings throughout the realms and gather information from them.
    • Odin god of war ragnarök had the ability to change into either a small or large eagle.
    • Odin god of war ragnarök has the power to project strong beams of glistening, purple magical energy from his hands or from the tip of his Gungnir spear.
    • Odin god of war ragnarök has the ability to teleport while riding a flock of ravens.
    • Elementokinesis: Odin god of war ragnarök is a master of the elements and is able to use powers from various attributes. He can switch between them at will and use each power in a variety of different ways. He can surround himself with elemental barriers or even bombard enemies with a variety of elements all at once. These elements can affect the terrain they strike by igniting, freezing, or poisoning it.
      • Odin god of war ragnarök has the ability to control fire, which he can direct into fireballs that can burn the ground, set off explosions, or even be used as a flamethrower.
      • Cryokinesis: Odin god of war ragnarök has the ability to control ice. He typically uses it to fire icy projectiles that can freeze the ground or even powerful cold beams that have the same effect but on a larger scale.
      • With his geokinesis ability, Odin god of war ragnarök can change the landscape slightly but noticeably by sending shockwaves through the earth or by fracturing the ground.
      • Odin god of war ragnarök has the ability to use poison, which he manifests as poisonous, green projectiles that can contaminate the ground.
      • Odin god of war ragnarök has the ability to use darkness to his advantage by projecting it or sending shockwaves down to the ground. He can also combine it with his ravens to create energy spheres covered in black feathers that, when they collide and explode, can blind the target temporarily by obscuring the environment.
  • Master Combatant: As the ruler of Asgard, Odin god of war ragnarök must be a master combatant with a long history of battle training. was able to murder Ymir and his brothers even when he was younger. During Ragnarök, Odin god of war ragnarök and Thor would be able to defeat Surtr, the Primordial Fire Giant and a very skilled combatant.
  • Odin god of war ragnarök proved before the big fight that he is worthy of Mjolnir by effortlessly lifting and wielding Thor’s Hammer. A remarkable accomplishment that not even Kratos has ever been able to accomplish.
  • Intelligent to the point of genius: Mimir, the smartest living creature in the Nine Realms, acknowledged Odin god of war ragnarök’s brilliance and said that he is almost as clever as he thinks he is.
    • Deductive Analysis: From hearing the Ragnarök prophecy, he deduced that Kratos and Atreus would play a role in it. Odin god of war ragnarök correctly concluded that Mimir had duped him and that the well of knowledge was actually just filled with magic hallucinogenic mushrooms to give even a god visions, refuting the claim that Mimir had sacrificed his eye for knowledge.
    • Odin god of war ragnarök was renowned as a master torturer because he personally tormented Mimir for many centuries to the point where Mimir declared he would rather die than continue to be tortured by Odin god of war ragnarök.

Weapons odin god of war ragnarök

  • Gungnir: In Norse mythology, Odin god of war ragnarök wields the dwarven-made Gungnir spear, which consistently pierces its intended victim. Gungir frequently assumes the shape of a staff in God of War: Ragnarök, but it can change its shape when Odin god of war ragnarök is engaged in combat. It can be morphed into a spear or a whip, which is typically combined with his magic to greatly increase its length and give it the ability to produce shockwaves.


  • Like his mythological counterpart, Odin god of war ragnarök is said to have created Ask and Embla, according to a lore marker.
  • Zeus is his Greek counterpart in terms of being the King of the Gods.
    • Cronos is probably a more general term for his Greek equivalent. In the case of Cronos, it was Ouranos, and in the case of Odin god of war ragnarök, it was Ymir. Both of them were the first beings to rebel against their universe-creating fathers, and they both violently established themselves as the rulers of everything. They were also both paranoid about anything that might endanger their respective reigns, even going so far as to kill or attempt to kill their own sons.
    • However, in terms of characteristics, Odin god of war ragnarök includes a number of roles played by various Greek Gods (e.g., Zeus, Ares, Athena, Apollo, Hermes and Thanatos).
    • Odin god of war ragnarök is similar to Zeus and Cronos in that all three were paranoid about anything they perceived as posing a threat to their rule, including their own sons. While Zeus killed Kratos out of fear of the Marked Warrior prophecy and Cronos attempted to consume his own sons out of fear of being overthrown, Odin god of war ragnarök imprisoned Tr after suspecting him of plotting to overthrow him with the giants. The difference was that Tr never considered overthrowing Odin god of war ragnarök and instead focused on keeping him from Jötunheim, whereas Kratos planned to exact revenge on Zeus for killing him, torturing his mother and brother, and betraying him.
    • They also mistreated their ancestors out of a desire to rule over others. For example, Zeus imprisoned the titans out of a desire to rule the mortal world, while Odin god of war ragnarök killed Ymir because he thought he and the other Aesir were bringers of order and should be treated as such.
    • According to some prophecies, both Odin god of war ragnarök and Zeus are destined to die at the hands of Kratos and his family; Odin god of war ragnarök will perish at the hands of Fenrir, who is technically Kratos’ grandson, while Zeus will perish at the hands of the Marked Warrior, who is Kratos himself.
    • Both asked for one of their kids to kill strongmen. While Zeus gave Kratos the order to kill Ares, Odin god of war ragnarök told him to kill the Jötnar.
    • Both fear Kratos. Zeus was afraid of him because he was the one who would bring about the destruction of the Gods, the Greek Pantheon, and his killer, doing everything in his power to stop him and break the cycle of patricide only to be killed by him. Odin god of war ragnarök, on the other hand, is afraid of him because of his actions in relation to Ragnarok, which hastened its approaching due to Baldur’s Death and killed also his two grandsons Magni and Modi, who
  • Almost always, when Odin god of war ragnarök is depicted in a mural, he is astride Sleipnir, the mythical eight-legged steed. This is strange because Sleipnir, according to Norse mythology, is the child of Loki and Svadilfari, the stallion that assisted the Jötunn in disguise in erecting the walls of Asgard.
    • Given that Sleipnir was with Odin god of war ragnarök when he and his brothers killed Ymir, and that the horse was alive thousands of years before the World Serpent even made its debut, it is unlikely that Atreus, despite being Loki in this universe, is the mother of the horse.
    • In the Prose Edda, Loki disguised himself as a mare to divert Svadifari from his duty of assisting the builder finish the wall in time, and the sexual encounter that ensued gave rise to Sleipnir. However, in the world of God of War, Hrimthur managed to finish the wall in time and meet Freya.
  • There were two ironic moments brought on by Odin god of war ragnarök’s desire to stop Ragnarok.
    • One could argue that Odin god of war ragnarök’s attempts to stop Ragnarok and his death were the very cause of it, as a result of which many people in the nine realms developed a strong dislike for him and his relatives, the giants, the Vanirs, and the Wolf Fenrir.
    • Odin god of war ragnarök’s attempts to understand Ragnarok better and exert control over it only resulted in him losing more control of it. Odin god of war ragnarök’s interference changed Magni and Modi’s fate from surviving Ragnarok to passing away before it starts. Additionally, Odin god of war ragnarök’s interference caused Baldur to pass away earlier than expected and accelerated the start of Ragnarok by 100 years. According to the new tapestry, Odin god of war ragnarök altered the course of events when he came dangerously close to committing a Jotunn genocide. As a result, the remaining Jotnar were given a new prophecy about a Jotunn who would start Ragnarok in order to exact revenge on the Jotnar. In other words, despite Odin god of war ragnarök’s efforts, Ragnarok was always going to happen.
  • His mother is the Jötunn Bestla in mythology, but it is not yet known if she will play this role in the series.
  • The psychopomp status of both Odin god of war ragnarök and Mercury led the Roman historian and senator Tacitus to compare them.
  • Kratos and Atreus run into Odin god of war ragnarök’s ravens throughout the course of the game. 51 of these ravens need to be killed as part of a side mission.
  • Odin god of war ragnarök had a great love for the giantess Fjörgyn, who gave birth to his son, Thor, despite the fact that he hated the Jötnar and they him. In addition, Skai, Queen of the Hunt, was another person that Odin god of war ragnarök pursued before or after her.
  • Hugin and Munin, Odin god of war ragnarök’s pair of ravens that fly around the nine worlds to gather information for him, are references to Odin god of war ragnarök’s spectral ravens that are scattered throughout God of War (2018).
  • Aesir-Vanir War, Midgard (through his corruption of the Valkyries), Niflheim (by interfering with Ivaldi’s creations), Asgard and Vanaheim (through the Aesir-Vanir War), and Jötunheim (through Thor’s genocide campaign) are the five other realms that have been destroyed as of the events of God of War (2018).
  • Odin god of war ragnarök is the only primary antagonist in the series who is not slain by Kratos because, in Ragnarok, he is slain by Atreus and Sindri.
  • Odin god of war ragnarök dies in the least gruesome manner of all the main antagonists in the series. Odin god of war ragnarök had his soul sucked out of him by Atreus and sealed in a small sphere, but Sindri destroyed that sphere with a hammer while the other antagonists died from being either stabbed, punched to death, or had their necks snapped.

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