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Pokémon Go is a 2016 Augmented Reality (AR) versatile game created and distributed by Niantic in a joint effort with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company for iOS and Android gadgets.


It utilizes cell phones with GPS to find, catch, train, and fight virtual animals, called Pokémon, which show up as though they are in the player’s real world location.

The game launched with around 150 types of Pokémon, which had expanded to around 600 in latest updated.

Downloads and revenue

Starting at 1 January 2021, Pokémon Go has accumulated almost 600 million installs and produced nearly $4.2 billion in income from in-game buys as indicated by investigation firm Sensor Tower. Its biggest market regarding both installation and revenue of United States.

The game is free-to-play but how it earns $4.2 billion in revenue? The company used three methods for earning:

  • Freemium business model.

 Freemium, words is combination of  “free” and “premium”, is a pricing policy by which a basic product or service is provided free of cost, but earning is generated for additional features, services which expand the functionality of the free version of the software.

  • Local advertising.
  • Supports in-app purchases for additional in-game items.

Previous versions

History of previous versions

Every version added some feature to the previous version. There are types of version numbers for Pokémon GO. Android version started from 0.29.0 and iOS started from 1.0 since July 6, 2016.

  • In 2016, 22 versions were released (0.29.0-0.51.0 for Android and 1.0-1.21.2 for iOS).
  • In 2017, 24 versions were released (0.51.0 – 0.87.5 for Android and 1.21.2 -1.57.5 for iOS).
  • In 2018, 37 versions were released (0.87.5 – 0.131.3 for Android and 1.57.5- 1.99.3 for iOS).
  • In 2019, 34 versions were released (0.131.3- 0.163.3 for Android and 1.99.3 – 0.129.3 for iOS).
  • In 2020, 28 versions were released (0.163.3 – 0.187.1 for Android and 0.129.3 – 1.153.1 for iOS).

Features of (Android 0.187.1, iOS 1.153.1) version

Let talk about the second last one (Android 0.187.1, iOS 1.153.1) version). In that version (0.187.1, 1.153.1) the following three features were added.

  1. Mega Evolution has added to the Pokémon GO! . Thrashing Mega-Evolved Pokémon in strikes to acquire Mega Energy
  2. Reality Blending has turned out to more devices. With Reality Blending, Pokémon will have the option to move behind articles, either mostly or totally, while AR features are actuated.
  3. Customize Gifts you can send to friends. New stickers can be found in the in-game store that you can send.

Issue in (Android 0.187.1, iOS 1.153.1) version

  • Shop appears empty and unresponsive when trying to buying tickets.
  • Incorrect amount of XP granted for five-star and Mega Raids when completed in-person.
  • App converts to unresponsive after feeding a berry to a wild Pokémon
  • Pokémon attacks and Poké Balls are unresponsive in attacks
  • The Picnicker Medal is not updating properly
  • After being traded, tags applied by a Pokémon’s previous Trainer cannot be detached
  • Buddy Pokémon are showing on the Map after feeding them only one Golden Razz Berry
  • Players may not be able to watch other Trainers’ buddies during a Shared AR Experience
  • Poffin bonuses are rearranged at midnight (local time)
  • Post-win screen does not have any buttons to restart to next battle
  • Issues affecting the “Battle together” heart.

Latest version (0.195.2 Android and 1.161. 2 iOS)

The lasts version 0.195.2 Android and 1.161. 2 iOS is released on December 23rd 2020.


The following features are added according Niantic, Inc.

  • You can now GO up to level 40. For that you should have what it takes.
  • Some Pokémon like Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, and more Pokémon originally discovered in the Kalos region are now also appearing in the wild. 

Leveling up is now more exciting than ever. Enjoy a double Catch XP bonus through the end of December. If you get to level 40 before 2021, the Legacy 40 souvenir will be yours.

  • Perfections to the Egg inventory, AR Mapping tasks, and Pokémon HOME connectivity.

User Reviews

The following user reviews are most liked. Lets check it out.

1-Dylan Nani got 2407 likes . he says:

“Little update on my old review. Was 3, now 2. There’s been an uprising in errors for myself and a friend, who can’t even access the app anymore. The shop doesn’t work. I have to open the app 4 or 5 times to properly play the game without it saying ‘try again later’ for a few minutes at most. I feel like there should be a lot more Pokestops/gyms, or a daily bonus we can get, unlike the free shop items each day. Please sort out the errors most of all.”

2-Adam Ankin-Robertshaw with 1168 likes says:

“At the moment, this game is too heavy on pay to play; it refuses to open half the time on the loading screen and is moving so fast, that niantic are struggling to fix any new bugs. Saying that, I really like pokémon and nothing is going to stop me playing, especially when I’ve already invested 4 years of my life playing the game. If it wasn’t pokémon and something else like HP then I wouldn’t support it.”

3-Connor M with 321 likes says:

“Its fun with the wife. But there are still some glaring issues. 1st, pokestop, I understand limiting the ability to level 38, but I’ve seen a few that need to be removed or updated/moved. 2nd, daily coin limits are way too low. I had 5 gyms defended for 2 days and all came back to me at the same time. The first one reached the daily limit of 50. 50! It costs 100 just to get 20 pokeballs. How lame is it im limited to getting 50 a day?”

4- Alyssa Rosexox got 234 likes . according to her: 

“Its alright. Fun to catch pokémon, but its a cash grab forsure. Also, I cant seem to add any more buddies, I only have two. And I’ve been having issues with the raids. Looks like I’m not the only one. I cant attack at raids sometimes. Especially with a 3 or 5 rating. I had the chance to finally win a rated 5 raid battle for the first time but of course it bugged out and no one could attack and everyone had to leave. Super annoying. Please fix this.”

5- Ramesh Ramalingam got 217 likes he says:

“This game is nice. The Pokémons are good and it is good that you have also added the buddy option. I started playing the game yesterday only and it is so nice. The only reason why I gave three stars is: if we want to raid, we need battle pass and I am a 12 year old boy and I cannot go anywhere to spin and get battle pass or gift. WHY THE HELL WE CANNOT EVEN HAVE AT LEAST ONE BATTLE PASS FOR FREE!!! Other than this, I can only catch Pékemons. I have no gold and no real money. However, recommended”


The latest version of Pokémon GO is released with a lot of new features, its more exiting now. Marketing strategy is peak that time, arranging events etc. after release. Niantic, Inc. remove many bugs and improved the previous version, But numerous client face new bugs that time Let perceive how Niantic face these issues. Farewell.

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