Naraka Bladepoint Character List

Naraka Bladepoint Character List Updated

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Our Naraka Bladepoint Character List character tier list will help you choose the right Naraka: Bladepoint character for you. We describe what each character accomplishes, how they compare to the competition, and the things you should keep in mind when using them.

Naraka Bladepoint Character List updated

It’s worth bearing in mind that, regardless of where a character falls in a tier list or the community’s popular choices, you can make any character work in Naraka.

SMatari, Yoto Hime, Yueshan
AJustina Gu, Takeda Nobutada, Tianhai, Kurumi
BTarka Ji, Wuchen, Valda Cui
CViper Ning, Temulch
Naraka Bladepoint Character List updated


One of Naraka’s best characters would naturally be Matari. Her skills more than makeup for her lack of impressive damage potential with superior mobility, which is almost more crucial in Naraka than strength.

She can teleport just a short distance away, giving you plenty of time and room to heal or flee if an encounter doesn’t go as planned. Don’t rely on Matari to escape from stun locks, though, as it won’t work while you’re being attacked.

When Matari is stationary, her ultimate briefly renders her invisible, and when she is moving, it nearly renders her invisible. If your adversary is unaware of your presence, it is nearly impossible for them to see the faint outline it leaves behind. The best option for sneaking around in the game, it can end an encounter before your adversary even realizes what hit them.

Yoto Hime in Naraka Bladepoint Character List

Long after the release of Naraka: Bladepoint, Yoto Hime is still one of the most potent characters in the game. Yoto Hime has dominated the battlefield since her first appearance. Yoto Hime’s skill launches her sword forward, where it hangs for a while, spinning in the air and entangling enemies in a damage vortex. Yoto Hime can teleport to the sword as well, which is useful for closing bigger gaps.

Naraka Bladepoint Character List
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Even better, Yoto Hime’s ultimate restores health and armor with each strike while dealing massive amounts of damage with large slashes.


In terms of strength, Yueshan rivals Yoto Hime and even surpasses her in terms of flexibility. If you choose the second specialization, Yueshan can use his skill, Linebreaker, to rush forward and push enemies back, giving you more control over the battle while they recover. Linebreaker is an impressive move that can interrupt enemy combos and knock them back.

In his general mode, Yueshan can use his ultimate attack to acquire a new weapon and new skills, such as a potent smash attack that can knock enemies back over a large area.

Justina Gu

Although Justina has a little less versatility than other fighters and relies on her ultimate to increase her damage output, her skill is still among the most helpful in the game. For a brief period, it turns Justina and her allies into solid ice, rendering them immune to harm and regenerating armor. You can break out early to surprise your opponents with a barrage of attacks, making it perfect for breaking up combos.

When used differently, Justina’s ultimate freezes enemies by either hitting them directly or encasing them in an icy fog. It also amplifies her attack power with each strike.


Tianhai has great potential as a supporting character and his ultimate can deal a tonne of damage. His skill, Divine Bell, deflects and blocks ranged and focus attacks. You can use it while being attacked, but you can’t use it while in a stun lock. It functions essentially as a free parry that can be used as soon as the animation begins. Although useful, it is not necessary for that context.

Naraka Bladepoint Character List
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The real star of Tianhai is his ultimate. He briefly transforms into a Vajra and can grab and smash opponents, dealing a lot of damage. Even better, he can heal allies while in this form if he grabs them.

Takeda Nobutada

Takeda Nobutada has a lot of potentials, but he is hindered by a few obvious flaws. His ability allows him to disarm his assailant and counter focus attacks, but it is of little use if your opponent doesn’t use a focus attack. You sometimes find yourself without a useful skill when you consider how many combos you can use before even making a normal attack.

His ultimate allows Takeda Nobutada to teleport to him and summon a sealed demon that deals several extremely potent blows.


Kurumi is in a slightly more challenging situation. She is the only dedicated healer in Naraka: Bladepoint, which makes her invaluable in trios matches but makes her difficult to use on your own. Kurumi’s ultimate creates a field that heals allies and counteracts negative effects, while her skill allows her to connect with an ally to heal them or herself.

Tarka Ji

Naraka Bladepoint Character List
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Similar to a Takeda Nobutada prototype, Tarka Ji is only marginally less practical. If you want a skill that is more offensively oriented, he can launch fireballs or use his skill to block enemy attacks and lower their armor. With his ultimate, Tarka Ji can move faster and burn them if he makes contact with an opponent. While the speed boost is useful for pursuing enemies, close-quarters combat does not benefit greatly from it.


Wuchen is a good choice if you enjoy playing support, but it can be challenging to use as a solo fighter. His skill can also build a shield for your party while it attacks enemies with spectral blades. Wuchen’s ultimate teleports your party out of danger while also giving them a brief attack boost.

Valda Cui

Valda Cui is also most effective when used in teams because her solo matches require a much steeper learning curve. Skill Valda Cui uses various traps that she can set or that appear during attacks to bind enemy movements and enhance attacks. You can use the right combos to keep enemies immobile for a long time while slowly draining their health.

Her ultimate temporarily raises her above the battlefield and binds nearby enemies. Both are helpful, but Valda Cui, who focuses on defense, works best when paired with a powerful DPS character.

Viper Ning

Viper Ning performs best when a team can divert attention away from the opposition. Her skill has a large area of damage, but it is not very powerful. Interrupting focus attacks is the main draw. However, parrying also does that, so unless you’re still figuring out the timing for parring, it’s not helpful.

The ultimate of Viper Ning prevents her from attacking for five seconds, but it also stops enemies from moving for a while after that. This makes it very helpful in games where your team can rush in and launch an attack, but Viper Ning is too weak by herself to benefit much from this skill.


In trios matches, Temulch’s greatest benefit is also obvious. His ultimate has the power to slow down enemies, making it simpler for your team to eliminate them. Temulch’s skill allows him to leap into the air and launch wind projectiles at foes; it’s not a particularly impressive move, but it’s useful for getting out of tight spots.


Who is the most used character in Naraka?

Rank of characterName of character
9Viper Ning
8Tarka Ji
7Valda Cui
2Yoto Hime
Naraka Bladepoint Character List updated

How many characters are in Naraka?

The game offers 12 Naraka Bladepoint characters for players to select from.

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