Malenia was previously even more difficult to defeat than she is now, according to Elden Ring dataminers

Malenia was previously even more difficult to defeat than she is now, according to Elden Ring dataminers

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When they came across Malenia, they noticed that even in this game’s current iteration, her AI was a little bit different.

I know it’s hard to believe, but data miners have found that Malenia, the most infamous boss of Elden Ring, used to be even harder to defeat than she is now.

Kotn3l discovered several significant differences with her attack pattern and abilities, making her significantly more aggressive, by analysing and playing through the 1.0 version of Elden Ring(opens in new tab), a version that’s been untouched by patches or changes since the original game was pressed to disc and played offline to avoid just such updates.

“Upon encountering Malenia, her AI was [a] tiny bit different, unpolished even in this version of the game,” explains Kotn3l in their video description (thanks, PC Gamer). “The most noteable change that she still has access to her ‘old’ ‘Waterfowl, which modders have discovered before. This video aims to showcase some of her differences to the patched version.”

She is more aggressive in Phase 1, boasting “slightly different combos,” the dataminer continues, adding that she has improved her blocking by “blocking many, especially consecutive attacks” and that she has recently discovered the “old” Waterfowl Dance. It also demonstrates that scarlet rot build-up is not a function of the Phase 2 clone attack.

Speaking of Malenia, a player of Elden Ring has vowed to defeat the infamous boss every day using a different build until DLC is revealed… even though FromSoft has not yet confirmed that the RPG will even receive DLC . Did you see the speedrun attempt to complete Elden Ring without levelling up or taking damage ? Did you also complete it without skipping the optional boss battle against the Grafted Scion?

Another world-record speedrun played the entire game in less than seven minutes, and someone recently completed a three-hour run without getting hit.

Recent polls of Elden Ring players have revealed what we enjoy most about the open-world role-playing game developed by FromSoftware, including our favourite boss fights, NPCs, and locations. And in the US, it is still the game with the highest sales in 2022.

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