Leaks for Diablo 4

Leaks for Diablo 4 have begun in record time.

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If you want to avoid spoilers before the big release, use caution out there.

The internet is dark and chock-full of spoilers, so use caution. This time, however, it has to do with Diablo 4 leaks, as it has frequently been the case in recent weeks.

Images and bits of information are spreading online as if by magic in response to reports that a Diablo 4 alpha playtest is taking place for Blizzard’s family and friends.

Leaks for Diablo 4
(image credits: blizzard)

If you want to enter the game knowing nothing, you might want to skip to the end of this article because we’ll cover some of them. Putting that aside, consider this a general warning that spoilers are out there, so keep an eye out.

Staying put? Grand. Spend some time listening. On the Diablo subreddit, there have been a number of leaks, but they have typically been removed fairly quickly. Images, however, continue to be shared on numerous forums and other websites. The majority of them include photos of the author of the character that show tattoos and other body art. Additionally, there has been talk about smart loot and restricted trade in Diablo 4; for instance, there may be some limited trading of lower-tier items. Legendary items are acceptable, but rare and more expensive loot is not.

The actions taken against your battle.net account (including suspension, permanent suspension, etc.) as well as legal action against your persons if you signed an NDA or caused damages to the company or IP are entirely outside of our jurisdiction of power (which is solely r/Diablo), according to a statement. “Once more, we have no influence over these actions and they are completely out of our control.”

The leaks come after Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier reported that the “friends-and-family alpha test,” a Diablo 4 playtest for non-Blizzard employees, is currently underway.

Although Blizzard has previously stated that Diablo 4 purchases will be cosmetic-only aside from larger story expansions, Schreier also mentioned that there are no microtransactions in the alpha build. Since Diablo Immortal’s handling of monetization has drawn considerable criticism, the question was probably raised. However, it appears that Diablo 4 won’t feature any monetization in the same way.

Before that, Rod Fergusson, the series general manager, tweeted to clarify that a Diablo 4 beta that was discovered on Battle.net was only for internal use.

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