How to play animal crossing new horizons

How to play animal crossing new horizons. Become a master using these 15 simple tips and tricks

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From raising hybrid flowers to trapping annoying wasps, these tips turn you into a master.”

I tried to collect ideas and answers to questions plenty of the players asked when playing Animal Crossing New Horizons. the main question is always 1) How to play animal crossing new horizons?

2) Tips and tricks for animal crossing new horizons

What do you do in Animal Crossing New Horizons so can’t be bored?


If you are new to animal crossing new horizons, read the main idea of the game in these simple bullets.

Purchasing a deserted island:

After buying a deserted island from Tom Nook, a character who is staple of the series, the player controls a character that travels to a deserted island.

Develops it into a community:

The player transforms the island into an anthropomorphic animal culture. The game includes a crafting system that helps the player to transform materials into instruments and furniture that can be used to decorate the interior and exterior spaces of the game.

Customize the appearance:

The game encourages the player to modify their character’s personality, and does not assign specific hairstyles or facial attributes to gender based. Additionally, players are able to choose the colour of skin for their character.

In-game currency:

To buy premium items, Nook Miles, an in-game currency obtained by completing different activities, can be used. Players will invite animals to live on their island and have the choice to choose where the animal builds its home or influence it.

Weather adjustment:

Depending on the real-world location of the character, the game’s weather changes to the Northern or Southern Hemisphere seasons, a first for the Animal Crossing series.

After Adequate progress

Once the player in New Horizons has made adequate progress, Isabelle appears in the game. Due to the game’s AutoSaved feature and the lack of the option to restore, Mr. Resetti no longer lectures the player on saving. After the player has reached a three star rating island, K.K. Slider also appears in the game.


One island per Switch system is supported by the game. Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows local and online co-op multiplayer, with up to 4 local players and 8 players online capable of occupying an island at any given time. The game does not link directly to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, but within the two games there are collaborative items. Thats all for How to play animal crossing new horizons intro.

Download Here.

Tips and tricks for animal crossing new horizons.

1-Craft Quicker (“A” button magic)

When you make DIY recipes, it can get boring to wait every time you create something new through the animations. When your character begins crafting, speed up the process dramatically by clicking the A button a few times in short succession.

2- Animals talk faster (“B” button magic)

Pressing B repeatedly can make animals talk faster as well.

3- Make room in your pockets

To get more space in your pockets, use your Nook Miles and the NookStop to unlock the full inventory capability of 40 item slots. Use iron nuggets, wood, softwood, hardwood, stones, and tree branches on hand in addition to the tools.


While you move, pressing B will make you run. This scares off bugs and fish, and freshly planted flowers can be destroyed, so be careful. With a net in hand, pressing A as you run will make you sneak. The net instantly swings down when you let go of A while sneaking. This is the safest way to sneak up like moths on skittish insects, and it’s the only way to catch tarantulas and scorpions effectively. With your net up, slowly move toward them and stop as soon as their legs start trembling. Proceed when they stop, then rinse and repeat.

5- Shake Each Tree

Shake every single tree when you step to a mysterious island. A piece of furniture is still hidden in one of them. However, you may want to make sure you have your net down, as there is at least one wasp nest that is also going to fall. Before they attack, you can capture these wasps. Only press A promptly as soon as they come out.

6- Makes a wish Upon a Star

Night in island
Night in island

Isabelle will sometimes let you know during the morning announcements that a meteor shower is on the way that night. The timing is, it seems, entirely random.

On clear, cloudless nights, shooting stars appear randomly between 7 pm and 4 am. They sound like some kind of shimmery bell. The sound is kind of quiet. Headphones may be a good idea to hear them. Make sure that your hands are empty, use the correct joystick to look up, and press A to make a wish when a star is overhead. The next day, you can use Star Fragments to craft certain DIY recipes on your beaches.

7- Super Powers

You can break a rock by eating a piece of fruit and then hitting a rock with your shovel or stone axe. The same action can help you move trees around.

8- Grow more Bells

Bell tree
Bell tree

There will be a flashy spot on the ground once a day, containing 1,000 bells. A Bell tree sprouts, which grows cash in a few days, to rebury the Bells bag. If you plant even more Bells, though, you’ve got a chance to grow a tree that sprouts heavier Bell bags.

9- Increase Your Nook Miles using NookPhone app

Within your Resident Services Center, you’re usually visiting the NookStop ever since per day to pick up those sweet, sweet bonus miles. Here’s another trick, collect the Nook Miles as soon as you earn them from the NookPhone app. You will receive a new simple task once you have collected bonus miles from NookStop.

10-Stalk Market

If you want to maximize the profit, look for islands of high buying prices on Reddit. You might have to wait for a while in a virtual line, but this is the best way to turn a profit if you’re determined. Also remember that turnips rot within a week, and if you fiddle with the game settings and travel through time back, your turnips will quickly go bad.

11- villagers handling


You can communicate to the visitor over and over if you’ve a full island with 10 residents and a villager visiting your island to convince them to move to your island.  You can endorse their initial offer if they’re trying to trade places even you dislike the offer.

Until they have a bubble over their head, do not talk to villagers, who may indicate that they are thinking of moving or they want to give you something. That is when you can motivate them to do so with enthusiasm.

You’ll have to use an amiibo figure or card for a simple and effective way of kicking out a villager. On three different days, bring the amiibo villager to your cottage using the ABD Machine. Ask them to migrate to your island each time they enter. They’ll agree to move in on the third visit and ask whom you’d like them to substitute. Choose the least favourite NPC and it will complete the job.

12- Visitors

There’s a chance each day that you’ll get a special visitor. Either they’re going to hang out in your plaza, wander around your island, or they’re going to pass out somewhere along beach. Make sure to communicate with them. You may get a new DIY recipe, a museum charity, a decoration for your island, or a special ability to sell things like bugs and fish.

13- Design Rivers and Cliffs

You’ll eventually be able to redesign your island using the Island Designer app. It allows you to lay down paths, modify your rivers, and edit your cliffs. Let’s say that somewhere you want to build a bridge, but the river isn’t appropriate. You can open the app and reshape the waterway using the corresponding permit. Within the NookStop, these permits and designs are unlock-able.

14- Cultivate Hybrid Flowers

The shopping mall on your island only sells a few types of flowers. Other islands may sell various types, or when Leif is in town, you can buy the others. When certain kinds of flowers cultivate near each other having little space among them, hybrid flowers grow and you can water them.

15- Letters

Sending a card charges 200 Bells. In airport check out next to the main service counter, the cards stand. In the NookPhone app, you can send a letter to a current resident, your future self, or a friend you’ve considered as a best friend. Before sending the letter off, you can attach a present and if you want to wrap that present, be sure to do it before with wrapping paper purchased from the general shop of your island. Farewell.

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