How to collect lobsters in Disney Dreamlight Valley to make lobster rolls

How to collect lobsters in Disney Dreamlight Valley to make lobster rolls

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lobsters in Disney Dreamlight Valley are elusive sea creatures that can be used to produce lobster rolls.

One of the best recipes in the game can be made with Disney Dreamlight Valley Lobsters, despite their rarity. While fishing in the Glade of Trust, you have a chance of hauling in a lobster, but since the Lobster Roll is a five-star recipe, you’ll also need four other ingredients from Disney Dreamlight Valley, including a lemon from the Glade of Trust and garlic from the Forest of Valor. The following information will help you capture Disney Dreamlight Valley lobsters and prepare lobster rolls with them.

lobsters in Disney Dreamlight Valley

lobsters in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can catch lobsters by using your fishing rod to throw the hook to the centre of some water ripples, just like you would any other marine animal. The Glade of Trust biome in the valley’s aquatic sections is where lobsters can be found specifically. Even while you aren’t likely to come across any of these golden ripples, if you do and manage to reel in something lurking in the water, you are at least certain to catch a lobster.

Lobsters are highly beneficial because they are worth 950 Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Coins and restore over 1,500 Energy on their own. To create great recipes, you should however think about combining them with certain other ingredients. Any meals that include lobster will be highly lucrative and will replenish a lot of energy, so depending on your needs, you can either sell or consume them.

How to make Lobster Rolls in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to make Lobster Rolls in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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While lobsters can be incorporated into many Disney Dreamlight Valley meals that call for seafood, such as bouillabaisse or the seafood platter, just one dish—the lobster roll—requires a lobster explicitly. You can make this five-star dish as soon as you unlock the Glade of Trust and Forest of Valor biomes, and Remy is required in your valley in order to rebuild Chez Remy because some necessary ingredients are located there. To make a Disney Dreamlight Valley lobster roll, combine one of each of the ingredients listed below in a pot.

  • Lobster: Caught in the Glade of Trust at golden ripples.
  • Lemon: Acquired from Goofy’s Stall in the Glade of Trust or picked up from lemon trees in the Glade of Trust.
  • Wheat: Purchased from Goofy’s Stall in the Peaceful Meadow as wheat or as seeds. In just one minute, purchased seeds in the Peaceful Meadow will be ready for harvest.
  • Butter was purchased at Chez Remy.
  • Garlic: Gathered from the Forest of Valor’s soil.
Disney dreamlight valley lobsters lobster rolls
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A single Lobster Roll replenishes a lot of Disney Dreamlight Valley Energy and is also rather costly; at over 1,900 Star Coins, it is worth roughly twice as much as a single Lobster. Since it’s a five-star meal, cooking it is also an excellent way to advance through several Dreamlight challenges and earn additional Dreamlight. It can also be helpful for any missions that require you to prepare a five-star meal. For instance, during the A Tale Of Stone And Fire adventure, Maui will ask for such a lunch.

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