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The Mission story of Hitman 3 Dubai (Top of The World) is called Bird of Prey. Player Skills measurement is Master level in Hitman 3. If you have a high master level, you would be called more skilful and professional. There are different master levels for each level. The master level here is 20 in the Dubai case. In Hitman 3, Mastery Level is essential for unlocking all the fun weapons. You can save different location while playing; the game can be restart from the saved location and more. Lets talk about Hitman 3 Dubai challenges unlocked.

How to get Master Level in Hitman 3 Dubai challenges?

To achieve Level 20 Mastery, around 88% of challenges are needed to reach Level 20 Mastery in Hitman 3 Dubai challenges, so you have few options. There are 56 Challenges here in Hitman 3 Dubai. Here in this article we will show how player can increase their Mastery Level in the fastest way.

Hitman 3 Dubai challenges

There are 3 categories namely:

Category nameNumber of Challenges
Total Challenges56
Dubai Challenges list

How Hitman 3 Dubai challenges unlocked?

Hitman 3 Dubai Assassinations challenges

1. Versatile Assassin

Find the perfect way to assassinate the following and complete the five challenges: Piano Man, Someone Could Hurt Themselves, Hold My Hair, Straight Shot, Tasteless, Traceless.

2. Piano Man

Finishing Piano man
Finishing Piano man in Hitman 3 Dubai challenges

Assassinate Piano Man with the fiber wire. At the end of Hitman 3 Dubai challenges, the best way to get Piano Man is when; Marcus is fully alone and readily able to be strangled. When planning the mission, you must consider having Fiber Wire as one of your gear items.

3. Someone Could Hurt Themselves

Assassinate a target in a coincidence. There are many different ways to achieve this challenge, but when Marcus is alone on a balcony and can easily be shoved off, and this is easiest way to do.  

4. Hold My Hair

Assassinate a target by drowning them. Go into the side room after the conference room interview with Carl Ingram, and find the Emetic Rat Poison on the cart. Later, Carl Ingram will be busy at his office desk at the very end of Mission Story. Head into the side-room and poison the glass of whiskey at the bar with Emetic Rat Poison while this happens, then use the Blend In point on the wine glass.

Carl is going to drink the whiskey and go to the adjacent bathroom. Keep following Carl to the bathroom. If you have a member of the Penthouse Staff inside, first subdue them, then drown Carl in the toilet bowl. Stash their bodies in the wicker box beside the bathroom with that done, and take a walk out.

5. Straight Shot

headshot with perfect aim
headshot with perfect aim

Assassinate a target with a headshot with perfect aim. Through Mission Story, Straight Shot is ideal as Marcus is all alone and has his back to you. Take your gun out and shot him targeting his head. In your lead-out, it is recommended that you use the Silenced Pistol, as a loud gunshot can draw the attention of a nearby technician.

6. Tasteless, Traceless

Assassinate with deadly poison a target. How? Carl Ingram will be busy at his desk once you get to the end of Mission Story. While this is happening, head into the side-room and Poison the Glass of Whiskey at the bar with the Poison Pills.

Use the point on the wine glass with Blend In, and Carl will drink the whiskey and die. Before the Bodyguards realize that Carl is dead, you will now want to flee the room and begin to question you.

7. Pick Your Poison

Eliminate Carl Ingram by making him eat food that has been poisoned. You need lethal poison first. In the first step of the Bird of Prey storyline, the guy whose disguise you have to get will drop lethal poison (Floor 01 Garden Area, Assassin in black suit with green shirt). Optionally, get lethal poison and equip it in your load from level 10 mastery in Berlin.

Go on to the Penthouse now, Floor 04. On this floor, the chef will be in the kitchen. Toss a coin in the room behind the chef (some are on the kitchen counter) to attract him. Take him and get his disguise out of here. To prepare the food, add the lethal poison, hit the bell on the kitchen counter to signal that the food is ready, and now interact with the plate on the kitchen counter. Wait a minute for Ingram to come and eat it. It only works with deadly poisons.

8. Vertical Approach

Vertical Approach
Vertical Approach

Eliminate Marcus Stuyvesant by pushing, dropping or pulling him over a ledge or railing. Marcus will be on the edge of the balcony all alone. Walk up and push him over to him.

9. Angry Birdy

Angry Birdy
Angry Birdy

Eliminate Carl Ingram by making him strike an explosive golf ball.When you reach Mastery Level 10 in Dubai, you need to unlock the Explosive Golf Ball first. The golf set on Floor 04 of the Penthouse can be positioned on the rooftop terrace. Follow Disturbing the Peace below afterwards, to make him play golf and hit an explosive ball.

10. Black Gold Eye

Eliminate Carl Ingram by impaling him on his oil-rig model in his office. Complete Bird of Prey Story. In the end, you’ll have a private meeting in his room with Carl Ingram. With the exception of his one bodyguard, he’ll send away everybody in the room. You can push him from behind onto the small golden oil rig statue on his desk when he is standing in front of the table in the first room.

It’s going to impale his eyes. Simply knock the bodyguard out afterwards. This requires precise timing as Carl will move to the 2nd room afterwards, he will only be standing for a few seconds in front of the desk with the oil rig. Save a manual before doing this.

11. Impactful Art Hitman 3 Dubai challenges

Eliminate both targets with a single chandelier. How The Mighty Fall is a complete story theme. Both targets will be in the same space with a chandelier over their heads at the end. (Don’t kill them yet) Knock them out. Drag their bodies under the candlestick then. Shoot the chandelier’s rope to make the unconscious bodies fall on it.

12. Mile High Drop

You’ll first have one of the two Evacuation Key cards. They’re placed in Security Room safes, one in the Level 3, and the other on the North end of Level 2. Head to one or the other and enter the code 6-9-2-7 to open the safe.

Then use the Evacuation token on the wall panels in the penthouse of Floor 04 and Floor 05. This will activate an escape pattern of your targets. They would first gather at the helipad. Then they will backtrack to the Penthouse to put on skydiving suits and jump off the building. After they jump off, fire their parachutes.

Mile High Drop in Hitman 3 Dubai challenges unlocked
Mile High Drop

Just follow after them before they jump off, even take out the guards. You can snatch their Assault Rifles to easily shoot the parachutes in mid – air.  Alternatively, you can tamper their parachutes with a steak knife, when they’re still mounted on the wall.

13. Conserving Ammunition

Conserving Ammunition
Conserving Ammunition

Kill both targets with a single bullet by a sniper rifle.  This Challenge is different from most because it allows you to use a Sniper Rifle, a weapon not usually found in the level. The fastest way to get one is to achieve Mastery Level 15 in Dubai, which will unlock the Druzhina 34 DZI. This is great because its shots pierce targets.

Now when you find the sniper rifle. Find the perfect time when both targets are in the same hall. Line them up for a double-headshot once they stand together in front of the TV.

14. Steep Task

Eliminate Carl Ingram by pushing, dumping or pulling him from a ledge or railing.

When the mission begins, run to the top of the Penthouse, which is Floor 0, very quickly, and remember use Penthouse Guard disguise. Ingram likes to walk across the balcony here and sometimes sits on the railing. Push him from the behind.

15. Icarus

Electrocute Marcus Stuyvesant by the sun at the art installation. As the level begins move straight to the art gallery on Floor 02. Also on world map there’s a hallway to the right of the art gallery. This is the corridor where you’ll have to go. There’s a panel that says “Override Safe Zone”. For using it you must get a Crowbar, which can be found, on the rooftop on Floor 02. Use the crowbar to pry opens a fuse box, which may be: one is on Floor Level 02 in corridor between art gallery and rooftop or alternatively on Floor 03 Control Room.

Now crawl up the ladder behind “sun”, remove its panel that needs the fuse. Up that ladder you should insert the fuse in a fuse box. Climb down immediately and you can now communicate with the “Override Safe Zone” display. Wait until Stuyvesant comes to the art exhibition and when he’s next to it, bypass the safe zone. You should do all these moves right away as soon as the mission begins. Otherwise he could end up on other routes and not go to the art exhibition for a while. If you’ve already activated the “Art Installation” Starting Point you’ll launch where you need to be and can do all steps really easily, then just wait for your target to appear after a few minutes.

Hitman 3 Dubai Discovery

1. Discover Dubai

Discover all undiscovered areas in the Burj Al-Ghazali. To finish this Challenge, you have to enter all of the rooms that have the map marker icons. In Dubai, there are 33 of these rooms. Namely:

Level 0
AtriumStaff AreaKitchenMeeting Room
Level 1
Black Gold BarPrivate BarStorageGarden
Art Installation Backstage
Level 2
Security Room (South)Staff HallwaysSecurity Room (North)Art Gallery
Balcony Bar
Level 3
Server RoomControl RoomFrisk ZonePenthouse Reception
Conference RoomSecurity RoomHelipad
Level 4
CourtyardOutdoor AreaDining RoomStorage
LoungeStudyVentilation Area
Level 5
Master SuiteTerraceGuest Bedroom
Dubai Places List

2. Easy Breezy

Open all electronic window shutters using the camera. Use your camera to access all 6 windows frames in the all level. One window on the default starting point where you land through the skydiving suit.

Two windows on Floor 00 in the maintenance room near by the staff area. Climb out those two windows and scale the outside of tower to the third floor and you should scan the third window at the top. The last 2 windows are on Floor 01, Art Exhibit Backstage.

3. Rotor Man in Hitman 3 Dubai challenges

Rotor Man in Hitman 3 Dubai challenges
Rotor Man in Hitman 3 Dubai challenges

Disguise yourself as the Helicopter Pilot the Rotor Man. The Helicopter Pilot or Rotor Man could be discovered on Level 3 cleaning his aircraft on the Helipad.

4. Shortcut for Penthouse Terrace Ladder

Find the short cut and here Unlock the ladder shortcut at the penthouse terrace. The Penthouse Terrace Ladder is discovered in the Open air Area, the triangle section in the South-West area of Level 4. You’ll need to have a Crowbar from the Control Room on Level 3 in order to access it.

5. Wet Worker: 

Disguise yourself as Zana (The Vulture) Kazem, Who is Agent of Crystal Dawn.

6. Rotor Ready: 

Get the Helicopter Key. For Helicopter you need to have the Key. Go to the Helipad on Floor 03 first. At the front-centre of the helipad is a ladder leading down where two guards standing there with ladder. Slide down that ladder and on the path at the bottom of the ladder sits the key, which can be found at Floor 02, kill the target by swinging knife-throwing.

7. Shortcut for Ventilation Area Ladder

Crack the ladder shortcut at the ventilation area after the penthouse. The Ventilation Area is located on Level 4, reachable from either the Courtyard or the Study room.

8. Elite Heat

Disguise yourself as a Penthouse Guard. You discover Penthouse Guards on Floor 03. Defeat one and take over their disguise.

9. Hot One


Disguise yourself as the cook, the cook can be found at Penthouse Floor 04. Can toss a coin in the room behind him to bait him away from the protectors, and then take him out noiselessly.

10. Toothpick

Pick up the scimitar sword discovered in the Study room at Penthouse Floor 04. Otherwise, the Sheikh can also drop it.

11. Waiter Cater

Disguise yourself as an Event Staff Member. You can catch Event Staff Members on Floor 00 nearby the Meeting Room. Overthrow one and take their disguise.

12. Shortcut Atrium Lobby Door

Find the door shortcut in the atrium lobby. This pathway is one of the least adaptive ones to unlock. The Atrium Lobby Door is on Level 1, to the right of the grand staircase up to the Atrium itself at which Sheikh delivers his inaugural speech.

13. Here Goes Nothing

 Escape from Burj Al-Ghazali through parachute. After finishing both targets, walk to the verge of the rooftop and jump.

14. Grand Connection

Escape from Burj Al-Ghazali through the penthouse elevator. Find a controller on Floor 03 that lets you open the Elevators throughout the whole building. After killing both targets, run away through the lift on Floor 03 underneath the penthouse.

15. Pocket-Sized Empire

 Obtain a skyscraper small model. This mini model of the skyscraper is found in the Penthouse living room, Floor 4. Just at end of the storyline, How The Mighty Fall, you are going to go over there.

16. Shortcut for Helipad Ladder

Crack the ladder shortcut at the helipad. On Level 3, near to the entrance doors from the inside of the building, the Helipad Shortcut Ladder is located at the western end of the Helipad walkway. In order to unlock it, you will need to get a Crowbar from the Control Room, also on Level 3.

17. Ground Floor Please

Ground Floor Please

Escape the Burj Al-Ghazali through the atrium elevator. Through console on Floor 03 that allows the user to access the elevators in the entire building. Obey the plotline Escape through the elevator on Floor 01, Atrium, after having killing both targets.

18. Key to the Sceptre

Obtain the Penthouse Key. The Key will be fallen by the Staff Member in the Storage room on Level 04.

19. Servant Exit

Escape the Burj Al-Ghazali through the staff elevator. The console on Floor 03 that allows you opens the Elevators of the whole building. After killing both targets, escape within the elevator on Floor 02 staff area.

20. Up and Away

Escape the Burj Al-Ghazali through helicopter. Acquire helicopter keys from challenge Rotor Ready challenge of Hitman 3 Dubai challenges and flew through the helicopter, which is on the Floor 03 Helipad.

21. For Emergencies Only

Take the evacuation key card. From the Assassination challenge Mile High Drop You find the Evacuation Key card in the Security Room on Floor 03 in a safe and safe code is 6927.

22. Chameleon of Hitman 3 Dubai challenges

Find and outfit all disguises at the Burj Al-Ghazali. The disguises list is:

  1. Event Security at Floor 00 Staff Area, fellows in white clothes with blue hat
  2. Event Staff at Floor 00 Staff Area, fellows wear golden vests
  3. Kitchen Staff at Floor 00 Staff Area.
  4. Maintenance Staff at Floor 3 Maintenance zone, also in kitchen changing room locker, workers are in blue clothes.
  5. Assassin wears Garden with black suit and green shirt.
  6. Art Crew at Floor 03 Control Room.
  7. Penthouse Guard at Floors 3, 4, 5
  8. Penthouse Staff at Floors 3, 4, 5.
  9. Well-known Chef at Penthouse Floor 4.
  10. Ingram’s Bodyguard the two bodyguards walking with Ingram in Penthouse at Floor 4, 5.
  11. Pilot at Floor 3 near Helipad.

Hitman 3 Duabi Feats

1. Meet the Stuyvesants

Meet the Stuyvesants
Meet the Stuyvesants

Reunify the Stuyvesants. Moves to Floor 1’s Private Bar and also get finish the woman in dark blue. Possibly by making her emetic poison vomit. Now, at all times, Stuyvesant’s daughter will be all alone in area, causing her father to arrive to the bar once he passes by.

2. Suiting Attire

Exit from the Burj Al-Ghazali as wearing the skydiving suit. On Floor -01, Atrium, you find your skydiving suit. Interact with the suit rack where for the first time you originally entered the building. And use the exit of any after both targets are completed.

3. Precious Moments

Shot a photo of Marcus Stuyvesant after being reunited with his daughter

4. Mission Story of Hitman 3 Dubai challenges

 Complete storyline of Hitman 3 can be found here at Gaminzo.

5. Geronimo

Activate an evacuation by using the keycard readers in the penthouse. This challenge is same as Assassination “Mile High Drop” challenge. This will cover automatically after completing Mile High Drop challenge.

6. Chip and Dip

Hack the server room without activating the silent alarm. Move to Floor 3, Room for Servers. You’ll have to go to the corridor behind the server room where you find 2 workers in blue clothes instead of interacting with the server and pulling the server racks. Take them out; they’re going to drop a key card.

Go straight to the server room and there will be a platform rising from the ground. Use the key card and one of the 4 servers switches from green text to bright orange text on the screen. Pull the shelf with yellow text on the screen from the server.

7. Cashing Out:

Mollify the Sheikh using a gold bar. Use a Crowbar right at the beginning of the level to pry open the deposit boxes in the reception area on Floor 1 Atrium. A gold bar is part of one of those boxes. Equip it and head directly to the middle of the Atrium where the Sheikh holds a presentation. Toss the bar of gold at his head to knock him out of it. Best to do this immediately or else he’s going to start moving around and can be difficult to track down the crowbar can be found on Floor 02 rooftop behind art gallery.

8. Nightcrawler


Shot a photo of the Sheikh while he sleeping. After he is done with the speech, the Sheik who will give the speech in the Atrium in the beginning), will wander around the building. Eventually, in the Guest Bedroom on Floor 5, he’ll take a nap. Take a photo of him once he’s done.

9. Mission Story the Bird of Prey

Complete storyline of Hitman 3 Bird of Prey can be found here at Gaminzo covering the all Hitman 3 Dubai challenges.

10. Disturbing the Peace

Distract Carl Ingram while he is on his Dictaphone. So if Ingram speaks to his Dictaphone in the Floor 4 Study, turn on the radio going he’s to get angry and went upstairs. Switch on the Vacuum Cleaner outside the room when he uses his Dictaphone again. By playing some golf, which can be combined with Angry Birdie, he’ll be venting now.

11. Story of How The Mighty Fall

Complete storyline of Hitman 3 How The Might Fall can be found here at Gaminzo.

12. Flying Monkey Business

The above challenge involves having either Marcus or Carl slip during the emergency evacuation sequence on a banana peel, and can be done as part of the aforementioned Mile High Drop Challenge. 

13. Particular Palette

Assist Marcus Stuyvesant his requested drink at the art gallery bar. First get a disguise of waiters and a bottle of whiskey-you can find one bottle in a Floor Deposit Box-1. Move to the Balcony Bar and serve some whiskey at Floor 2. Offer a glass to him when Stuyvesant comes close. Lethal or emetic poisons can be combined with them.

14. High Rise Drop

High Rise Drop
High Rise Drop

Push or dump anybody down an elevator shaft. Finds a console on Floor 03 that unlocks the lifts in the entire building (Atrium Floor -01, Floor 02 Staff Corridor, Floor 03 before Penthouse). Knock out someone, push his or her body to the shaft of the elevator, and dump it down.

15. The Phoenix Ascension

In escalation contract all challenge level should be completed to increase Master level.

16. The Asmodeus Waltz

 Finish all levels in this Escalation Contract as well.

17. The Asmodeus Waltz

Just start the Escalation Contract.

Hitman 3 Dubai Main Targets

The main Hitman 3 Dubai challenges are:

1. Elimination of Carl Ingram 

2. Elimination of Marcus Stuyvesant

In short if we say one word about the whole above wiki is only that “be calm and look around”. farewell

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