GTA 5 has received a stunning 16K update and looks amazing

GTA 5 has received a stunning 16K update and looks amazing

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GTA 5 has received a stunning 16K update and looks amazing, For Grand Theft Auto fans, the past two weeks have been absolutely wild. It appears that the dust has settled. Since Grand Theft Auto VI was never really in doubt, let’s be honest, a recent leak has only served to confirm it. Over an hour of GTA VI development footage, along with screenshots, source code, and Rockstar Games were all victims of a significant cyberattack.

Fans attempted to map out GTA VI’s version of Vice City in the days that followed, with some even complaining that the game’s map might be too large. After being detained for the assault, a teenager from the UK entered a not-guilty plea in court. Since it’s unlikely that we’ll see an official GTA VI reveal for a while, I’ve got a fantastic GTA V 16K mod for you today.

According to DSOGaming, YouTuber Digital Dreams created the 16K mod, and let me tell you, it is absolutely stunning. The mod’s developer used a single NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 to run it. The game is shown in the video at a frame rate of 30 as noted by DSOGaming. This is native 16K because GTA V does not support AMD FSR or NVIDIA DLSS.

In a statement about the experiment’s inspiration, Digital Dreams stated, “This video is not about graphics. I simply want to demonstrate how far we have come by playing a little-modified game in even 16K resolution. View the outcomes in the table below.

In other Grand Theft Auto news, a fan recently envisioned what a San Andreas sequel might resemble. After 30 years, CJ returns to Grove Street in this project. I’ll warn you now: the video’s ending may leave you feeling a little teary-eyed. There is too much nostalgia.

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