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Genshin Impact Baal, Everything You Should Know About

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Genshin Impact Baal is one of the most sought-after playable characters in the history of Genshin Impact, a five-star Electro Polearm character who is also the godly Archon of the Inazuma region. But up until now, she hasn’t been accessible.

It’s time to try your luck with the character now that you’ve probably used up all of Yoimiya’s Banner you’d been saving for Genshin Impact Baal. But would it be wise to invest in Baal? Should you hold off until the second banner depicts Kokomi and the Hydro Catalyst?

Before you choose to wager on Genshin Impact Baal, review the information below.


Funnily, the most popular name for the Electro Archons is also the least accurate.

Genshin Impact Baal alludes to the former Electro Archon, who ruled 500 years before the present story. During Khaenri’ah’s destruction, she died. The incident may also be referred to as the great cataclysm.

The current Electro Archon’s sister, Genshin Impact Baal, was her identical twin. She co-ruled Inazuma with the current Electro Archon. Baal served as her body double, with the current Electro Archon serving as her primary public face. Baal and the current Archon exercised joint authority.

Genshin Impact Baal
Image credits: miHoYo

Her sister kept the public in the dark about Baal’s death and carried on with her rule.

Genshin Impact Baal pursued the dream of Transscience, in contrast to the current Archon, who seeks Eternity. Although the exact meaning of this is unclear, some people might interpret it as the “present.” As an eternal god bound to the present, Baal may have attempted to see the world from a different angle.

Yae Miko describes Genshin Impact Baal as a kind person who detested violence. She and the current Electro Archon famously prevailed in the Archon War together, so it is unknown when she started to dislike violence.

Is Baal playable in Genshin Impact?

Breath new life into Baal’s once lost legacy with Genshin Impact! With over 700 cards to choose from and the ability to create decks specifically tailored to your playstyle, Genshin Impact Baal is now more accessible than ever. Whether you’re a hardcore competitive player or just want to try out a different deck every day, Genshin Impact has you covered. So strap in, because Baal’s back and ready to take over the meta!

Is Baal good Genshin?

She has a very adaptable personality. She can be used as a sub-DPS or a supporting character to assist your main striker. Your characters benefit from a nice enhancement thanks to Baal’s Elemental Skill, which enables them to deal some Electro damage with each strike.

When combined with other Elemental Bursts in your party, Genshin Impact Baal is fantastic. As other characters use their Elemental Bursts, Baal’s ultimate ability gradually gets stronger. With the help of her kit, Baal can work well with almost any party. Your party will become significantly stronger with her by your side if you can regularly switch between Baal and other characters.

Notably, Genshin Impact Baal excels in groups that rely heavily on energy and frequently use Elemental Bursts. Baal is a fantastic character if you already have a party like that.

Is Baal worth pulling Genshin Impact?

No one can seem to agree on whether Baal is worth pulling in Genshin Impact or not. Some players say that he is essential for endgame content, while others maintain that he can easily be replaced by other demons. So, what’s the truth?

Well, let’s take a closer look at Genshin Impact Baal and his role in the game. He is a fire-type demon with high attack power and HP. He also can reduce the defense of all enemies on the battlefield. This makes him a powerful asset in any battle situation.

However, other demons can fill the same role as Baal. If you don’t have him yet, it may be wise to wait until you do before pulling him.

Should I get Baal or Kokomi?

Choosing a Waifu is a serious decision. On the one hand, you have Baal, the dark lord of destruction and chaos. On the other hand, you have Kokomi, the gentle and loving goddess of life. So, which one should you choose?

Well, it depends on what you’re looking for in a Waifu. If you want someone who will always be there for you and support you no matter what, then Kokomi is the right choice for you. However, if you’re looking for someone who will push you to your limits and help you become a stronger person, then Baal is the right choice for you.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide which Waifu is right for you. Just remember that whichever one you choose, she will be by your side forever.

Is Baal and Ei the same?

There are many similarities between the names Baal and El. They both have three syllables, and they are both gods. However, there is no clear answer as to whether or not they are the same god. Some believe that they are two separate gods, while others believe that they are the same. There is no definitive answer, and it may be impossible to know for sure.

How old is Baal Genshin?

Baal Genshin is an ancient deity who is said to be over 10,000 years old. He was worshipped by the Sumerians and Babylonians and is still revered by some today. His origins are a mystery, but he is thought to be one of the oldest gods in existence. Baal Genshin is known for his wisdom and compassion, and he is often invoked for help in times of need. Despite his age, Baal Genshin remains active in the spiritual world and continues to help those who call on him.


The Genshin Impact Baal banner started on August 31 and will end at 3 p.m. Eastern on September 21.


Three four-star characters and the five-star Electro Polearm character Baal are featured in the Baal Banner.

  • Sara, the Electro Bow user
  • Sucrose, who uses the Anemo Catalyst, and
  • Xiangling, who uses the Pyro Polearm
Genshin Impact Baal
Image credits: miHoYo


Not exactly. Even if you choose from her Banner, you still might not get Baal. Fortunately, Genshin Impact has a Mercy system. You will always receive a five-star reward on your 90th pull if you make 89 attempts without receiving one. There is a 50% chance that the guaranteed five-star item will be Baal. Your subsequent five-star will be Baal if the first, pitiful five-star wasn’t. This indicates that, at most, 180 wishes are required to obtain Baal.

Your progress will carry over to the Baal Banner if you took part in a prior Event Banner without obtaining a five-star character. Which only means your chances of getting her will be significantly higher.

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