free diamonds for Elite Pass in Free Fire MAX

How to get free diamonds for Elite Pass in Free Fire MAX

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If you’re looking for a way to save money and free diamonds for Elite Pass in Free Fire MAX, look no further than Elite Pass. This in-game currency can be used to buy diamonds at a discounted rate, making it an ideal way to gear up for the game’s challenge-mode updates.

There are many ways to get cheap diamonds for the Elite Pass in Free Fire MAX. One way is to buy diamonds from the diamond store. Another way is to find diamond dealers who sell diamonds at a discount. There are also diamond mines that offer free diamonds as a reward for finding valuable diamonds.

free diamonds for Elite Pass in Free Fire MAX
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Since it allows players to acquire different incentives, the Elite Pass in Free Fire MAX provides the best value for the money. Outfit sets, skins, and other cosmetic goods are some examples of these incentives.

Every month, the game’s creators add a new season to the pass; Season 49 was released in June. Users can earn exclusive gifts after paying for them with diamonds, and they will remain active until the end of the month.

Some gamers search for inexpensive ways to buy the Elite Pass since they think diamonds are fairly pricey. A guide on the subject is provided in the section below.

How to get free diamonds for Elite Pass in Free Fire MAX

The most cost-effective way to obtain diamonds is through a Free Fire MAX membership. Weekly and monthly subscriptions are both available for the game, and each has its own set of advantages.

These memberships offer diamonds at a price that is significantly lower than the typical top-up, making them a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of. Users of the two memberships will benefit from the following:

free diamonds for Elite Pass in Free Fire MAX
(image crdedit: Gerena)

weekly subscription

  • 450 diamonds as a prize (100 immediately, 350 to be collected – 50 diamonds per day)
  • Discount retail privileges for special weekly members
  • Universal EP Badges, 8 x
  • Another Chance (used to make up for missed check-in days)

monthly subscription

  • 2600 diamonds as a reward (500 immediately, 2100 to be collected – 70 diamonds per day)
  • Discount store privileges for special monthly members
  • The Fifth Chance (used to make up for missed check-in days)
  • Gift Box with 60x Universal EP BadgeWeapon Skins (30-day trial gun skin)

Users will also get the benefits of a Super VIP if both memberships are purchased at the same time.

Below are the steps for buying a membership:

  1. To begin, gamers should launch Free Fire MAX and select the “Membership” button at the top of the screen.
  2. The players can choose which of the two memberships they want to purchase when they see the two options on their screen.
  • They can finish the payment in Step 3 to start receiving membership perks.

How to buy the Elite Pass in Free Fire MAX

The Elite Pass and Elite Bundle are two alternatives that require payment; they are priced at 499 and 999 diamonds, respectively. The former is a superior option because the latter merely provides 50 more badges; users can alternatively earn them by completing assignments.

To purchase the pass, players can follow these instructions:

  • Individuals must first tap on the “Elite Pass” icon on the game’s lobby screen.
  • Next to the “Missions” option, they must select the “Upgrade” button.
  • By using the diamonds obtained from the membership, either of the two paid versions may be purchased.

After earning the necessary amount of badges, the rewards can be claimed.

10 ways to get free diamonds for Elite Pass in Free Fire MAX

Finding ways to save money is always a top priority for many people, and that includes when it comes to purchasing diamonds in Free Fire MAX. However, many people don’t realize that there are ways to get discounts on diamonds without having to spend a lot of time or effort. One of the best ways to get a discount on diamonds is by using Elite P. Elite P is a website that offers discounts on diamonds and other luxury items. By using Elite P, you can save money on diamonds while still getting the quality you expect.

In June 2022, the Free Fire MAX Elite Pass will give players access to free diamonds for Elite Pass in Free Fire MAX. Here are five ways to get free diamonds while waiting for the game’s release:

1.      Facebook

 Play games on Facebook. The game will offer rewards for those who complete tasks such as watching videos or sharing content. Completing these tasks can earn players diamonds.

2.      Join a clan

Join a clan. Clans offer players a place to socialize and help each other progress through the game. Members can share resources and rewards, including diamonds, which can make getting them free considerably easier.

3.      Earn virtual currency

Earn virtual currency. Players can earn credits through a variety of methods. These points will be exchanged for real money in the game’s marketplace when the Free Fire MAX Elite Pass launches.

4.      Buy diamonds directly from EA

Buy diamonds directly from EA. The game’s marketplace, which is controlled by EA, will have a wide variety of items available for purchase. The company plans to sell these diamonds in bundles at various prices. These bundles will be sold at varying rates, with the most expensive bundle costing $9.

5.      Buy diamonds directly from developers

Buy diamonds directly from developers. The game’s developers, Fireproof Studios, will sell diamonds in bundles at a fixed price of $5. This price is expected to increase over time as the game’s popularity increases.

6.      Google Opinion Rewards

Users can create surveys for Google Opinion Rewards based on their search results, travel itinerary or any other random subject. After completing the surveys and giving the necessary information, they can receive free Google Play.

Gamers can now buy things in Play Store apps using Google Play Balance. They can use it to unlock diamonds in Garena’s battle royale shooter. Players should be aware that the surveys are not consistently generated.

7.      GPT applications or websites

Users can claim gift rewards or other virtual cash using get-paid-to (GPT) programs or websites, such as Google Opinion Rewards, to unlock diamonds in Garena Free Fire and its MAX edition. These apps ask you to do things like take surveys, watch movies, or participate in quizzes.

In the Play Store, users may find well-known GPT applications like Swagbucks (SB Answer), Poll Pay, and Easy Rewards.

8.      Booyah! app events

Booyah!, a streaming app from Garena, offers a tonne of Free Fire/Free Fire MAX material from both renowned creators and regular gamers. Fans can find Booyah! app-related events in the game that calls for a certain amount of viewing time.

This Booyah! app or game events frequently give out free diamonds for Elite Pass in Free Fire MAX. Therefore, it is important to seize these opportunities.

9.      Redemption website

Free Fire MAX and its original version, like other current hot games, provide players free rewards with 12/16 character redemption codes. These redeemable codes occasionally also award diamond prizes.

To obtain free diamonds for Elite Pass in Free Fire MAX, it is worthwhile to use the Garena reward redemption website.

10. Giveaways

Giveaways are the only remaining route to free diamonds for Elite Pass in Free Fire MAX and occasionally an Elite Pass. Giveaway competitions are often organized by several content producers for marketing purposes. Fans can still try their luck even though the chances of winning such competitions are minimal.

Many artists also let their followers participate in unique room games and earn prizes. To stay informed about custom room tournaments, readers can subscribe to the Discord servers of well-known Free Fire/Free Fire MAX designers.

Once players have enough diamonds, they can touch on the Elite Pass symbol in the lobby to visit the section and make a purchase to gain access to the premium prices.

Some extra methods to free diamonds for Elite Pass in Free Fire MAX

  1. Join the Diamond Club. The Diamond Club is a premium membership program that offers members exclusive benefits, including free diamonds for Elite Pass in Free Fire MAX every month. To join the Diamond Club, simply sign up at
  • Watch ads for rewards
  • Play games and get rewarded
  • Collect daily bonuses
  • Participate in events

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