Fans are confused and excited after watching the chaotic Tekken 8 trailer

Fans are confused and excited after watching the chaotic Tekken 8 trailer

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Without saying a word, Harada suddenly appeared.

The most outrageous way possible to announce Tekken 8 appears to have been used.

The video below, which features Tekken series veteran Kazuya Mishima throwing a body off a cliff, made its debut yesterday at the EVO 2022 competition in Las Vegas. When Kazuya smiled menacingly at the camera and the ominous words “get ready” appeared on the screen, the vintage pixelated clip abruptly changed to photorealistic graphics.

The commentary booth was cut back to on the livestream where the new clip made its debut, and chaos broke out. Not only were the three hosts losing their minds, but none other than Katsuhiro Harada, the series’ director, ran onto the stage from the right, hyped up the recently announced Tekken 8, and then left silently.

Many people have actually been extremely perplexed by the footage’s nature. While some are too preoccupied to question whether this new announcement is actually for Tekken 8 at all or if it could be something else entirely, many Twitter users are openly questioning whether it is even an announcement at all.

The new announcement’s brevity was probably intended to spark discussion online, and it has succeeded in doing just that. The series director’s subsequent appearance would have been bizarre enough without it, but Harada’s appearance on a livestream to celebrate (?) the trailer has only fueled the fire.

One thing that deserves to be brought up is the fact that Tekken 8 was in fact mentioned in the now-famous Nvidia leak from September 2021. Thousands of games were stolen from Nvidia’s database, and while the company insisted the listings were only speculative, several high-profile games, including the Resident Evil 4 remake, Dragon’s Dogma 2, Kingdom Hearts 4, and others, have since been confirmed by their developers.

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