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Elden Ring new co-op mod

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What is the Elden Ring new co-op mod ?

Elden Ring modder LukeYui’s project to bring seamless, user-friendly co-op to the game is now in public beta, and the mod can be downloaded from the Elden Ring Nexus.

Elden Ring’s cooperative gameplay is severely limited: it takes place in an open world, you can’t ride your horse, and cooperators are sent home after defeating a boss. Understandably, FromSoftware’s formula would experience some growing pains as it transitioned to open-world design, but co-op is one area where I believe they fell short. In my first playthrough, I mostly went solo, partly out of preference, but also because I didn’t want to fiddle with all the “finger” items and other annoyances.

LukeYui’s mod allows you to play Elden Ring with your friends in a more user-friendly environment. LukeYui is no stranger to modifying the online functionality of FromSoft games: he’s the man behind Sekiro’s multiplayer mod and the Blue Sentinel project, which addressed hacking and security flaws in Dark Souls 3.

Unlike the base game’s “ships in the night” cooperative play, the Seamless Elden Ring new co-op mod allows for continuous uninterrupted play with support for multiple players riding their Torrent, allowing them to enjoy Elden Ring with friends for as long as they want.

Elden Ring new co-op mod Launcher

The mod also has its launcher and connectivity, which is independent of EAC and similar to LukeYui’s offline launcher, so you can enjoy this style of play without jeopardizing your online status. In the coming days, stay tuned for our hands-on impressions.

Before using the mod, please read the entire description. Because the mod is still in early beta, there’s a good chance you’ll run into bugs. If you find any, please let me know as soon as possible and I’ll try to fix them in future versions.

Elden Ring is a massive game, and it’s impossible to test every possible path/combination a party could take through it. The beta’s goal is to pool resources, gather as much data as possible, and fix bugs as they appear. Bug fixes will be released frequently.

If you’re looking for a bug-free experience, this version isn’t for you.

Elden Ring new co-op mod Gameplay

Simply put, the mod allows you to play the entire game with your friends without any restrictions. It is theoretically possible to complete the game in one co-op session, from the tutorial to the final boss.

  • If a player dies, they will respawn at the last bonfire they rested at in the same world. The current session will not be ended.
  • Co-operators are no longer sent home after defeating enemy bosses and clearing areas.
  • All fog walls/barriers (along with their associated teleports) that used to restrict the multiplayer zone have vanished.
  • In a session, all players can use torrent (assuming they have the whistle).
  • All map waypoints will be synchronized, making it easier to navigate the world as a group.
  • When one player takes a break at a Site of Grace, the world state for all players is reset. This is required to avoid enemy desync.
  • • Completing game progression events in online play will advance the game in your own world.

Players can explore the entire game map together (overworld, underground, legacy dungeons, etc.) or split up if they prefer.

Improvements in quality of life

Along with the mod’s core functionality, there are a number of quality-of-life enhancements to consider:

  • Because the mod disables Easy Anti-Cheat, the game will not cheat. Other mods (such as game overhauls) can be used with your friends as long as everyone in the party has them installed. Please be considerate of your fellow collaborators, and don’t use mods if they aren’t needed.
  • Packet loss due to frequent disconnections and bugs with Elden Ring’s implementation of Easy Anti-Cheat is no longer a problem.
  • Co-operators can connect to the host from anywhere in the world thanks to a simplified connection system. Even if you do disconnect, you can quickly reconnect and resume your previous activity.

Balancing in Elden Ring new co-op mod

Without a doubt, this mod makes the game a lot easier. Invasions, the main drawback to cooperative play in the base game, aren’t possible with this mod’s design, so they haven’t been implemented. To compensate for this and maintain the game’s challenge, mechanics have been added to the base game’s enemy health pool increases, which are normally obtained by increasing phantoms:

  • A third tier of enemy scaling has been added because you can play with three phantoms (rather than the maximum of two in the base game).
  • Players who sit around a bonfire while others are in boss rooms will be kicked out of the boss rooms.
  • Dying during a boss battle will send your character into limbo, allowing you to watch other players until the party is defeated or a player rests at a grace site. To switch between different spectator views, use the arrow keys on your keyboard.
  • If you die in a cooperative session, your player will get rot. Rot is a stackable depuff that gets stronger with each death.
  • The only way to get rid of rot is to sit at a Site of Grace. When a player dies, one of five different types of rot will be chosen at random.
  • This was done specifically to prevent one player from dying over and over again with no consequences, while another player remains alive to prevent enemies from respawning.

Can this ban me?

No, the mod prevents you from connecting to FromSoftware’s matchmaking servers and uses save files that aren’t compatible with the non-modded version of the game. When using this mod, Easy Anti-Cheat is also disabled. Unless you modify it with the intention of connecting to vanilla players, there is no way to get banned using this mod.

This mod uses a different save file than the standard ‘.sl2’ extension because it adds new items not found in the base game. As a result, you won’t be able to access your Seamless Coop save files in the base game and vice versa. You will almost certainly be banned if you revert mod save files to vanilla save files.

How to install Elden Ring new co-op mod

It has not been tested for compatibility with other mods. Other mods may be used as long as they do not interfere with the multiplayer aspect of the game or alter any of the items that the mod relies on to function.

  • Download the mod from the GitHub mirror or the ‘Download’ tab.
  • Unzip the downloaded package and copy the files to your Elden Ring folder (usually “C: Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonELDENRINGGame”).
  • Change the co-op password in “cooppassword.ini”
  •   Run the mod with “lauch elden ring seamless coop.exe”
Elden Ring new co-op mod
(image credits:nexusmods)

The mod does not need to be uninstalled. When you want to play the game, you can use the launcher; otherwise, just run it normally. Simply delete the files you downloaded from here if you want to completely remove it.

The file structure of your Elden Ring should look like this if everything is installed correctly:

How to use Elden Ring new co-op mod

I strongly advise using a secure session password because if a player knows your co-op session password, they will be able to join right away. To play multiplayer with others, the mod relies solely on Steam’s matchmaking interface.

Other players must join after one player hosts. You must share the same password with the person(s) with whom you wish to play (found in the “cooppassword.ini” file).

To start a session, the host must use the Tiny Great Pot. The other players can then join in using the Effigy of Meleina. You should spawn in a location close to the host. Using the Separating Mist, any player can leave at any time. If the host uses this item, the session will be disbanded and all players will disconnect.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Does this work with pirated or cracked games?

A) No, I’m not going to support these versions either, so please don’t file bug reports.

Q) Isn’t this just a beginner’s mode?

A) No, co-op play makes the game objectively easier, but it’s also a completely different way to play the game. There are numerous “easy mode” mods available that simply increase your health and damage. This mod will be easier, but it is designed for those who want to play the game with their friends all the way through. It was created with the goal of having fun rather than lowering the difficulty.

Q) How do you feel about invasions?

A) This mod does not allow for invasions. Because you’re not connected to the matchmaking server, you can’t be hacked. This isn’t by design; it’s the only way to keep modded players separate from the rest of the game’s population.

Q) Can I redistribute or modify this mod?

A) Please accept my apologies. Without my permission, you may not modify, repackage, or redistribute this mod.

Q) Can I bring my save game from the base game into this game?

A) You can, but it will take more effort. As previously stated, the mod uses separate save files with the “.co2” file extension rather than the “.sl2” file extension. Make a copy of your.sl2 file, and then rename it to.co2. Using Cheat Engine, spawn the new mod-specific items once ingame. You may be banned if you do it the other way around (moving your save from the mod to the base game).

Q) I have a question that hasn’t been addressed here.

A) Please make a post or send me a direct message if you require additional information, wish to report a bug, or have a suggestion.

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