Elden Ring Final Boss Fight Guide

Elden Ring Final Boss Fight Guide

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In Elden Ring, it’s about time you became Elden Lord. But there’s one last thing you need to do before Elden Ring Final Boss Fight Guide and sit on the throne. But:

Who’s the final boss of Elden Ring?

Radagon or Elden Beast?

This is the most asked question who is the final boss of Elden Ring? Radagon or Elden Beast.

You’ve finally reached the game’s finale, the Elden Ring Radagon fight. You’re one step away from deciding the fate of the world, beating Radagon and the Elden Beast, and becoming Elden Lord, after an epic journey that took anywhere from 40 to 140 hours.

You have to fight two final bosses back-to-back to claim the throne, so it’s technically two steps away. Elden Ring is about to throw you back into the fire to face even tougher enemies, just as you’re recovering from the Godfrey fight.

Radagon of the Golden Order is your first foe, and you must defeat him before facing Elden Beast, the spirit of the Elden Ring.

So the answer is clear that Elden ring final boss name is Elden Beats.

When to fight Radagon and Elden Beast in Elden Ring?

These are Elden Ring’s final bosses, and there will be no respite between finishing the Radagon fight and facing Elden Beast. Neither boss is optional, because neither will decline a Great Rune.

It is one of the game’s most difficult fights, partly because it involves both stamina and skill. Do not enter the arena unless you are completely prepared.

You should join the fight with a fully:

  • Upgraded weapon (+25)
  • Character level of 145-155.

The Easiest Way to Beat Radagon and Elden Beast in Elden Ring

Saving the summon until the Elden Beast

We say it in every boss guide, but summoning a Spirit Ash to help you in this fight will be extremely beneficial. Some people have had better luck deferring the summon until the Elden Beast appears, but the decision is ultimately yours.

Something tanky

Given the amount of damage both bosses deal, you’ll need something tanky. Even if your Spirit Summon is slow, it can withstand a wide range of attacks and keep the boss busy long enough for you to heal or buff your weapon. The post-nerf Mimic Tear will also suffice, especially if your own HP pool is substantial.

just focus on dodging and landing solid physical hits

Radagon is resistant to a variety of status effects, but frost damage slows him down. However, the effect will take some time to activate. You can also increase your damage against him by enchanting your weapon with fire. Focus on dodging and landing solid physical hits against the Elden Beast.

Equipping the Haligdrake Talisman

Consider armour with strong Holy damage negation for both of them, as they both deal that sort of damage (on top of strong physical). You can also prepare yourself for battle by using an Incantation like Divine Fortification or equipping the Haligdrake Talisman.

How to Deal with Radagon and Elden Beast in Elden Ring

The fights with Radagon and Elden Beast are difficult because both of them hit hard and can even kill you with pull attacks. To be effective, they each require a different set of skills, making the one-two punch even more difficult.

Long, delayed attack chains are a favorite of Radagon’s. Radagon also has several attacks that deal AOE damage, either immediately or as a delayed effect.

Both bosses have a limited number of moves, making it easier to memorize patterns. In the same fight, their super armour can be broken multiple times.

Radagon Elden Ring Final Boss Fight Guide

(image credit:fromsoftware)

Radagon of Eldren Ring

The reward for beating Radagon is Elden Remembrance. The fight location is Leyndell, Ashen Capital. Beating is possible if, Resistance to Holy damage, possibly a light equipment load.

Simply find the next move of Radagon, All the most degames are listed below.

Holy Attack of Radagon

Despite his diminutive size, Radagon’s strikes deal significant physical and Holy damage. Trying to dodge all of them is your best choice, so assess two-handing your weapon for more damage.

Fortunately, it’s easy to tell which of his moves will deal Holy (rather than just physical) damage. The next attack will have a Holy effect when his foot or hand glows gold.

Foot Stomp

Radagon usually begins the fight with a standard foot stomp, which will interrupt and knock you back. This move has a similar version where his foot glows golden, and this one deals Holy damage in a circle around him wherever it hits. For either, dodge as soon as his foot hits the ground.

The hammer

The hammer is used for the majority of the boss’s moves, and many of them deal Holy damage. The same principle applies to the hammer: if it glows golden, it’s about to deal Holy damage.

Holy lightning

It’s critical to remember that some Holy attacks cause Holy lightning to cover the area where the hit landed, while others have a delayed reaction that causes Holy lightning to encompass the region where the hit landed. The simplest way to tell is to keep a watchful eye on the impact point: if you see glowing golden pillars, another wave is approaching. If you don’t, you can move into that area without fear.

Radagon’s ranged the First attack

Radagon’s ranged attacks are split into two categories. The first is slow and allows him to strike you with a lightning bolt. Not before, but as soon as you notice it leaving his hand, dodge. Back away from the lightning bolt because it will cause an explosion where it lands.

Radagon will occasionally land with the lightning bolt in his hand rather than throwing it at you. This is the more dangerous variant of the move, as it will cause a Holy explosion and intersecting lines of Holy lightning on the land surface that will spread outwards from where the bolt was planted. If you want to land a few hits, don’t sit there and tank the damage. Instead, move away.

Radagon’s ranged the First attack

The second ranged attack is the most difficult to avoid due to its lightning-fast animation. That one sees him hurl five or so small lightning shards in a fan-like pattern at you. If they’re aimed directly at you, simply dodge them and head for the boss. If they’re fired at the ground, however, they’ll set off a Holy explosion wherever they land.

Pattern of Attack

Radagon has a habit of repeating or doubling up on ranged attacks, so don’t go in for a hit right away after he performs one – wait to see if he’ll repeat it.

Dodge late

Dodge late – either into or away from him – for hammer attacks that aren’t enchanted with Holy. Just keep an eye out for additional melee attacks. Radagon is quick and can switch targets in the middle of an attack chain or with the final hit. If you brought a summon, be wary of becoming a target in the middle of a battle.

Grab attack of Radagon

Elden Ring Final Boss Fight Guide

His grab attack is dangerous because it can kill you in one hit. The good news is that it is extremely visible. Radagon’s left arm will turn gold in the shape of a fang/claw before it happens. As soon as you see the boss, move away from it – don’t dodge, just back up quickly. If he misses the grab, he’ll kneel for a few seconds, giving you a chance to land a few hits.

Radagon in the air

Radagon is about to smack his hammer down and unleash a massive Holy AOE explosion in a circle when he leaps into the air. This is also a simple maneuver to avoid. To get behind him, simply dodge into him after he slams it down.

Radagon will teleport in and out of place later in the fight. If you get too close to his teleportation aura, you’ll take damage and make it easier for him to land his first hit after occurring.

Radagon’s triple hammer ground slam

Radagon’s triple hammer ground slam is the most dangerous move he’s ever used in a fight. When he lifts his right hand above his head, you’ll know it’s coming. Every slam inflicts Holy damage on a cone in front of him, which grows in size with each one. The first two arrive almost simultaneously, but the third is late. You don’t want any of them, especially the third hammer slam, to hit you.

To get behind him, simply dodge towards him. You’re always safe behind him from all three slams; simply time each dodge with the slam itself to avoid Holy damage as you approach him. You’ll have to dodge the after-effect if you’re too far away when he starts this chain. With each slam, time your dodges.

Elden Beast Elden Ring Final Boss Fight Guide or Elden Ring final boss guide

Elden Ring Final Boss Fight Guide
(image credit:fromsoftware)

Phase two of Elden Ring’s final boss is to beat Elden Beast.

Radagon is no longer alive, but his spirit lives on as the Elden Beast. Because this is a giant boss, it has all of the issues you’ve probably had fighting dragons and other large creatures in Elden Ring. We found this to be the more difficult of the two, simply because its vast scale made it difficult to see attacks quickly enough to react.

Elden Beast The boss is gigantic

Do not lock onto the Elden Beast, no matter how tempting it may be. The boss is enormous, moves erratically, and attacks in all directions, making fighting it a nightmare. During this fight, resist the urge to use the control stick to manually adjust your camera.

stay under the boss

The goal of the fight is to stay under the boss, or behind it, if an AOE attack is about to be launched. As a melee player, the most difficult part is catching up to the damn thing. Elden Beast will swim away and travel to the opposite end of the arena, seemingly at random. Though not having it locked on makes regaining it a little more difficult, it’s still worthwhile.

Avoid spraying fire on Elden Beast

Elden Beast usually starts a fight by spraying fire from its mouth. This extends far in front of it, as well as beneath its belly. As soon as you notice that, get behind it. You’ll be safe there, and you’ll have plenty of time to whack it before the animation ends.

You’re about to be hit with several tiny Holy projectiles if its fins/wings glow as it swims. Simply run in any direction until everyone misses you.

twinkly sound

Elden Beast can launch several attacks from the air. After it flies, there’s a version of the tiny Holy projectile barrage that sends you away. The strategy is the same: run in any direction possible. If you can’t see it initiate, listen for the twinkling sound it makes as they emerge from its body and approach you.

chasing barrage

A worse version of the pursuit barrage includes a large explosion and a large ball that follows you around for a long time. If you try to stay away every time it gets close, it will eventually vanish.

Closing rings

Closing rings are another aerial attack that can be easily avoided by simply running out of all of them and jumping over them as needed. When you see the circles forming above you, you’ll know they’re about to spawn. The number of rings spawned varies between the two versions of this attack, but the goal remains the same.

Sword Attack

Elden Beast will usually use his sword in one or three-hit combos. The one with the sword slamming into the ground after the third hit is the most dangerous. Because the majority of those attacks are delayed, dodge only when you are about to be hit. A massive explosion will occur if the ground stab emits a golden glow. Keep a safe distance from the boss or try to get behind him.

left hand and right-hand moves

If the boss spots you from afar, it will fire from its left hand as you approach. This attack creates a damage-dealing pool of Holy lightning. Because the attack always starts from the right, run to your left and try to outrun it and get behind the boss.

ranged attack

It could also employ a different but equally lethal ranged attack. Each swing of the sword will send a wave of gold your way; dodge just before the wave hits you. It’s a four-hit combination. Avoid the first three, and save the fourth for last because it is always delayed.

Grab Attack

The grab is Elden Beast’s most dangerous attack. It has a long windup, making it easy to anticipate but not always easy to avoid, depending on your position about it. You’ll notice its left-hand glow before it starts, forming an unmistakable yellow ball with a black core. To avoid the boss, either stay away or dodge it.

Elden ring final boss weakness

Elden Beast Gigantic size is his weakness, as he does not move so fast.  

You will ultimately prevail if you are able to dodge the Elden Beast’s various magic and physical strikes and take advantage of the sizable damage windows you are given when it swings its sword at you. Congratulations, you’ve finished the game and dispatched Elden Ring’s last boss.


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Is Elden the final boss?

Depending on which ending you chose, you’ve now become Elden Lord, thrown the world into chaos, or installed Ranni on the throne. If you want to start over with a new class, New Game Plus, or Journey 2 in Elden Ring speak, is the next step

Who is the hardest boss in Elden Ring?

It’s the Elden Beast.

How many bosses will there be in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring has over a hundred bosses to fight, but there are only 12 that must be defeated to complete the story.

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