Cyberpunk 2077 hacked

Cyberpunk 2077 hacked by Hackers or its just rumour?

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Projekt hackers sold cyberpunk source code ?

CD Projekt Red, developer of Cyberpunk 2077, said that its system was hacked on Tuesday  (09-02-2021).  The Hacker twitted a ransom note. The attackers claimed to have gotten:

  • Cyberpunk’s source code
  • The Witcher 3 (unreleased version of Witcher
  • Gwent’s spinoff card game.

Threats from Hackers:

 Hacker said if they did not come to an agreement with CD Projekt Red.

The CD Projekt Red will face the following consequences:

  1. Release the source code of the games,
  2. Along with documents from the accounting, legal and other departments of the Polish game studio.

Latest Updates from Hackers side:

Hackers announced auction for the Gwent (CD Projekt card game) source code according to The Verge Thursday, on a hacker forum. The Hackers set the starting bid of $1 million upto $7 million to buy it completely. Kela, a cybersecurity firm, thinks the auction is legitimate.

Today auction is sold (11-02-2021)

CD Projekt Response:

CD Projekt does not believe that any confidential information of players or users of its services has been breached and says “it will not give in to or reach an agreement with the requests of the hackers.”

Consequences of Cyberpunk 2077 hacked

The ransom-ware attack alluded to the already bumpy launch of Cyberpunk in December. Before this attack performance problems and bugs, even on the next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X, affected the Console versions of the massively hyped sci-fi game from CD Project.

The game studio recommended that former employees allow fraud alerts for their personal information, but according to a tweet on Tuesday afternoon, it had no proof that the hackers retrieved those details and cyberpunk hacked.

After numerous reports that the game was almost unplayable on PS4 and Xbox One hardware, Sony and Microsoft both removed Cyberpunk from their digital stores and full compensation to dissatisfied customers

Is Cyberpunk 2077 hacked Really?

So, did it sell, truly? Which is questionable. ArsTechnica cites Emsisoft’s security expert, Brett Callow, who wrote an article post saying he didn’t believe it was sold, and that this kind of thing often happens so that when no one pays, hackers can avoid embarrassment:

“We have seen this behavior in the past with REvil, a ransomware group that threatened to release damaging information about Donald Trump. Although the hacked law firm refused to pay to prevent the leak, the information was never published—the attackers just claimed to have sold it.”

Brett Callow

It’s unclear what is happening now. If the hackers have actually sold millions of the source code, that means that anyone might have big plans for it, and that could trigger further headaches for CDPR(CD Projekt Red). The advertisement that the code sold probably means that the hackers will not just release it publicly, because either:

  • they sold it and they can’t undermine their buyer or
  • they didn’t sell it, as Callow says, And, by releasing the code for free, this is a face-saving exercise they can’t undo.


The above situation is the worst moment possible for CDPR, which has been trying to solve the endless number of bugs and performance problems of Cyberpunk 2077 on all platforms, updates that have been slow to transform the game in meaningful ways.

It is ambiguous whether this could impact Cyberpunk’s upcoming plans and what Changes to be a next update for The Witcher 3, possibly the new version reported to have been stolen from the hack.

In response to “Cyberpunk 2077 hacked” an apology video, the developer’s co-founder eventually accepted that the console version of his game “did not fulfils the standard quality we wanted it to meet” and highlighted its ideas to fix the issues through patches.

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