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Complete chingari app details

Who is the creator of chingari app?

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Latest Video sharing app, the ‘accidental’ Indian start-up that’s replacing TikTok in India. Chingari has hit 10 million downloads on Google Play Store in no time. But despite its similarity to TikTok, users complain about it being a ‘buggy’ app.

tiktok vs chingari

Less than a week ago, a short video sharing app made in India, Chingari, had fetched nearly 25 lakh from the Google Play store. However, the string of despair played in Chingari on June 29 and brought the first mark in just 72 hours. We are here with Chingari app details

The double-digit increase in the program came when the Narendra Modi government banned 59 Chinese from working on Monday, following the tightening of the border in Ladakh.

In that list, the most prominent name was TokTok owned by ByTD, a video-sharing platform that has taken India by storm a few years ago, especially in the most remote areas.

chingari app download

Chingari app is based on India and it boomed after ban of tiktok in India. Chinagri app available in all countries and any one can download this video sharing app anywhere in the world. Below is the link of Chingari app download and continue for more Chingari app details.

Chingari app Download | Play Store

Chingari app Download | App Store

chingari app founder

Chingari is a startup of two Indian techy guys. Thier names are Biswatma Nayak and Sumit Ghosh. they are calling  Chingari an “accidental start-up”. They spoke to many interviews about Chingari app details. 

He spoke about the journey of the app, which is incubated under Globussoft, a software development company that Ghosh founded nine years agosince its launch in late 2018 and its recent success.

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chingari app which country

Chingari app specifically targeting India and all the most speaking languages in india. You can check chingari app details of languages in the start of app.

The app is basically a short video sharing app, like TikTok. But what’s most interesting is that it’s home to sweeping stories, memes, status videos and what users can enjoy. The app lets you earn money on short videos they post, and similar to TikTok. 

You will be paid based on the extent to which their video has been infected, you will get a point per view, and full points may be included. Additionally, there is a Game Zone that allows you to play games and earn money by playing games.

TikTok competitor is available in English, Hindi, Bangla, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu. Available for both Android and iOS users can be downloaded through the Google Play / App store by accessing compatible app stores

chingari app details

app replace Tiktok in India

Chingari is available in Multiple languages and ready to replace TikTok in India. English Hindi Punjabi Telugu Kannada Marathi Gujarati Bengali Tamil Malayalam

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chingari app wikipedia

Name: Chingari app

Play Store: Chingari

App Store: Globussoft

Competitor: TikTok

Founders: Biswatma Nayak and Sumit Ghosh

Top Country: India

india tiktok girl

Waht Chingari app Creators are saying about Chingari app details?

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100,000 Jisme users lead chat, chat and dosti kar rahe hai ★

# In Chingari, you’ll find many AMAZING videos:
News Trending news 🔥 丨 Entertainment news 🎬 丨 Funny videos 😂
丨 Video songs 🎵 丨 Wishings 丨 Romantic quotes 💗 丨 Scene videos 丨
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