Best pubg players in 2023

Best pubg players in 2023

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Many players now use PUBG as a fantastic platform to display their gaming prowess. The game has advanced to new heights for some players. Let’s find out the Best pubg players in 2023.

By observing their performances in the PUBG Official Leagues and Tournaments and at international events, we can easily guess their skill. The majority of these players broadcast gameplay on their YouTube channels. Therefore, anyone can imitate them and pick up their playing methods. They undoubtedly contributed significantly to PUBG’s status as one of the greatest video games of all time.

The past year has been particularly successful for PUBG Mobile. Supporters have responded overwhelmingly to two significant events, the PMWL East and the PMGC. In these important competitions, some well-known athletes have excelled. We will discuss the world’s top PUBG PC player in this article. The majority of PUBG players are from Asian nations. Best pubg players in 2023 will therefore also be included, we hope. You must be curious about the top PUBG player in India if you play on the Indian server.

Best pubg players in 2023


Best pubg players in 2023

One of the most well-known PUBG players in the world is Paraboy. He is a Chinese aggressive player who primarily represents Nova XQF. His squad Nova XQF won the most recent PEL Season 2 and PEC 2020 competitions. Paraboy surpasses everyone in the world as the best PUBG player at the tender age of 19. He is also one of the few TPP and FPP experts and the highest-paid PUBG player.

Star Anonymous

Best pubg players in 2023
Star Anonymous

A well-known YouTuber and PUBG Mobile player from Pakistan is known as Star Anonymous. Mubeen Ahmed is his real name. He resides in Pakistan’s lovely city of Rawalpindi. His gaming abilities are adored by both adults and kids in Pakistan. In Pakistan, his brand of commentary is extremely well-liked. They lead very basic lives similar to those of regular people. “Mot ko chu ka tak sa wapis agya” is one of his most famous lines.


Best pubg players in 2023

The top Indian PUBG mobile player is Mortal. His birthplace is Mumbai, India, and his real name is Naman Mathur. He is best known for using four fingers when working with clay. Visit his YouTube channel and try to follow him if you want to master this technique. His YouTube channel currently has about 6.35 million subscribers.

Zuxxy BTR

Best pubg players in 2023

The top-rated Indonesian PUBG Mobile player is BTR Zuxxy. His real name is Bagas Pramudita, but players mostly refer to him as BTR Zuxxy. His YouTube channel, which goes by the name Zuxxy Gaming, has almost 1.7 million subscribers. He is more reliable than any other player in the world in terms of consistency.


Best pubg players in 2023

Jonathan is well-known in the PUBG Esports scene. It will be challenging to find a player who can use the gyroscope more proficiently than him because he always uses it during gameplay. He can be seen the most in the world’s major competitions and PUBG leagues. He has established himself as one of the industry’s top experts on close calls. A YouTube channel that Jonathan owns has about 2.09 million subscribers.

47 Khalifa

Best pubg players in 2023

In Pakistan, 47 Khalifa is well-known for playing PUBG and for being a popular YouTuber and TikToker. Although he goes by Osama Qayyum in real life, he is better known as 47 Khalifa in the PUBG mobile game. He is well known for his sniping abilities. He is also referred to in the gaming world as “M24 King.” Because of this, 47 Khalifa is one of Pakistan’s top 10 PUBG players.

Order XQF

Best pubg players in 2023

Our second-best player on the list is Cheng Zehai. He is one of China’s top PUBG players and is more commonly known as XQF Order. The close-quarters battles have been bossed by Order. He participated in the 2019 PEL alongside Paraboy, helping his team win the championship. He is regarded by many as the esports industry’s best prospect for the future.


Best pubg players in 2023

The best PUBG player from Turkey is Coffin. His gaming career began in 2017, and from that point on, he had to never look back. His YouTube channel is where he spends the majority of his time creating content, and his real name is Asimaltan Yucel. Coffin currently has about 1.12 Million YouTube subscribers.

Beowulf, C9

Best pubg players in 2023

The vast majority of the athletes on our list are from Asian nations. The only American on the list who is better known for playing PUBG is Jack Schultz. He is a member of the Cloud9 team and is better known to other players as C9 Beowulf. Everyone gets excited to watch him play in the top PUBG leagues and competitions.


Best pubg players in 2023

The predator is how people refer to Zubair Khan. He is a well-known PUBG player and YouTuber from Pakistan. Prior to playing for IGen Gaming, he played for Team Fyme. He plays with four-finger claw control. His YouTube channel is called Predator. He took part in PUBG Mobile official screams and competitions. In PUBG Mobile, he is never bothered by anyone. He established a new world record for the most kills in the video game PUBG Mobile.

Marco TQ

Best pubg players in 2023

One of the top PUBG Mobile players in the entire world is Marco Poppitti. He is a member of Team Queso and has already claimed the top spot in the Fall Split 2020 PUBG Mobile pro-League. He goes by the PUBG player name TQ Marco.

Earnny RRQ

Best pubg players in 2023

RRQ Earnny is yet another expert in close combat. He is unquestionably among the best assaulters in PUBG for mobile. He represents the RRQ Athena team and is a native of Thailand. Many players have to second-guess whether they want to take on Earnny.


Best pubg players in 2023

If you play in the Indian region, you’ve probably heard of Scout. He goes by the name Tanmay Singh in real life and is one of the best Indian PUBG players. He participated in the 2018 PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Asia as India’s representative and is a professional player of the game. Additionally, Scout produces content for his nearly 3.49 million-subscriber YouTube channel.

Doctor Pikachu in Best pubg players in 2023

Despite being a female player, she is very well-liked by men as well. Syeda Maryam is her real name. She is a straightforward gamer with some solid abilities. She enjoys playing video games. She typically only engages in PUBG Mobile. She is the only female PUBG Mobile player in Pakistan who plays competitive games and has strong gaming skills. For this reason, Doctor Pikachu is included in my list of the top 10 PUBG players from Pakistan.

Summary of Best pubg players in 2023

A mobile battle royale game is called PUBG Mobile. Brendan Greene independently created it, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has granted him a legal licence. It was made widely known in March 2018.

On the battlefield, 100 players will congregate to begin a thrilling and difficult journey. PUBG MOBILE is more than just a game; it’s also a gathering place for players from around the globe and a company that encourages them to experience life to the fullest. This year 2023 has so far looked successful for PUBG Mobile.


Who is the world’s best player at PUBG?

The top PUBG mobile players in the world in 2023 are Athena Gaming, Paraboy, and the players listed above.

How big is the PUBG player base?

186,110.6 people are currently playing PUBG Mobile.

MonthMonthly Active PlayerAverage Daily Players
Last 30 Days283,905,54723,658,796
December 2022283,055,68023,587,973
November 2022281,699,80523,474,984
October 2022286,005,23123,833,769
September 2022285,473,91023,789,493
August 2022284,119,59623,676,633

Which nation has the most players for PUBG?

In India, PUBG was the most played online game. However, the game was outlawed in India in 2020. China currently has the largest player base in the game.

Who in India Plays PUBG the Richest?

One of the wealthiest PUBG players in India is Naman Mathur, also known as Mortal.

Who is the PUBG God?

Coffin is a Turkish PUBG Mobile professional player. He is referred to as “PUBG Mobile’s God.” Nobody compares to him in terms of true professional skills.

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