10 Tips and Tricks for Outbreak Mode of Call of Duty Zombies

10 Tips and Tricks for Outbreak Mode of Call of Duty Zombies

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All you need to Know before start the Outbreak Call of Duty Zombies and 10 Tips and Tricks for Outbreak Mode of Call of Duty Zombies and many more. Lets Dive in.

What Is Call of Duty Zombies Outbreak and what’s new in latest release?

A new Zombie mode called Outbreak has been introduced to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. People may be thinking that this latest mode will be same as other Zombie like modes but that’s not in latest release of call of duty zombie’s outbreak. As Zombies mode is known for round base puzzle-hunting and metasolving. In zombie outbreak there are new encounter with Zombies and much more convincing for people who are not already interested in Zombies.

Up to now Outbreak is an open-world, co-op romp that borrows from other Call of Duty games and modes, like looter shooters, ARPGs, and even roguelites. Some nascent aether could be a breakout in future and a big deal mode.

Before 10 Tips and Tricks for Outbreak Mode of Call of Duty Zombies lets find the missions story.

Missions of Call of Duty Zombies Outbreak

According to Activision (Video Game Publisher), there are five main types of missions that you can come up with it while playing Outbreak. Some of the goals would be familiar to hardened fans of the franchise, but there’s a zombie element, of course.

Defend missions

Your job here is to claim a completely intact scientific sample, put it in a study unit, and protect the computer as it uploads data.

Escort missions

Here you have a rover vehicle (containing a zombie sample) would need to be secured on its way to a dimensional portal.

Retrieve missions

Here the goal is to find Aetherium Canisters and transport them to rockets where they can be extracted.

Eliminate missions

Here Players must find high-value targets and elite enemies and take them down.

Holdout missions

Here the goal is to survive as zombies flood into a confined space as long as the on-screen timer states.

10 Tips and Tricks for Outbreak Mode of Call of Duty Zombies

We have covered full guide to succeeding in the new Zombies game, Outbreak, from understanding the map, winning bonus points, using vehicles to your advantage to start running from mobs, and even completing independent activities such as the Dragon Relic. Let’s dive into the 10 Tips and Tricks for Outbreak Mode of Call of Duty Zombies.

1. Star icon (Main Objective)

Star icon
Star icon

Click on the map. On your map, look for the Star icon, which shows your main objective, which can be one of five choices. You would not be able to move on to the next area without completing the main objective.

2. Healing Aura Tier III

Healing Aura Tier III
Healing Aura Tier III

In Outbreak, it’s common to get caught by surprise, so make good use of your accessible Field Upgrades. While there are many special abilities are available on offer, we found that the Healing Aura Tier III would be an important ability for your team, particularly as you upgrade its various levels. It will not only restore any downed teammates, but will also heal you.

3. Ammunition

if you are Low on ammunition. Then find ammo crates around the map, look for the bullet icons, which appear on your mini-map.

4. Diverse loadouts

Don’t be afraid to add a little flavor to your game. Players with diverse loadouts have proven to be far more successful than those with identical weapons, loadouts, and field upgrades.

5. Stray zombies

Don’t ignore any stray zombies; most often, the one zombie you choose to leave alive while exploring nearby buildings or using tools like the Pack-a-Punch or Arsenal Machine will be the one who kills you. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to be caught off guard and quickly mobbed as these lone zombies manage to reunite with a herd.

6. Melee Zombies for extra Points

At starting of game you have not enough points to unlock the upgrades. So here is the tip. Outbreak, like the standard Zombies mode, gives you extra points for meleeing zombies; while this isn’t a huge bonus, any extra points will help you unlock upgrades quickly when you’re just start the game.

Remember that, unless you have managed to got enough points to justify pack-a-punching a green rarity combat knife or higher, knifing zombies is not necessarily an effective strategy past difficulty two. With the upgrade, while you will manage to one-shot most enemies, you will fight against the Elite and Special Zombies, which are becoming much more frequent.

Additionally, when you’re using a weapon, try to aim for headshots, as that will also receive you extra points.

7. Teamwork is what makes the dream come true

Teamwork10 Tips and Tricks for Outbreak Mode of Call of Duty Zombies

It all comes down to teamwork in Outbreak. Your team will quickly become overrun without communication, and it will become significantly harder to accomplish goals than they have to be. So, if you’re playing with a random team or even a group of friends, speak up and start making coordinated calls like asking for help, calling loot chests, and more.

We suggest starting with the dedicated Outbreak solo playlist if you’re having trouble succeeding with random teams when your friends aren’t online. This will not only allow you to get some much-needed practice, but it will make your overall experience of the Outbreak much easier.

8. Hidden Loot chests

Loot chests
Loot chests

Don’t hurry through the various areas. Sticking around and looting the various areas that each map has to offer will greatly benefit you. As you explore each map, you’ll notice hidden loot chests hidden within buildings and other random locations, containing everything from rare weapons, salvage, ammo, armour, and even consumables. These loot chests aren’t obvious on your mini-map, but you can find them by listening for a jingle-like sound followed by a childish laugh. If you can hear this noise, it will indicate that you can find the loot chest somewhere nearby.

However, because these chests come in different rarity tiers, don’t be disappointed if you have to do some searching before you find the fewer tier chests.

9. Buy armors as quickly as possible

You’ll quickly begin accruing impressive collection of salvage as you start opening more and more loot boxes. You’ll want to put this scrap to excellent use by buying armors from the Arsenal machines spread throughout the map.

These machines have a standing mannequin wearing armor and are red and grey in color. As you progress through the waves and various regions, the game will begin to increase in difficulty significantly, and if you plan to survive, armor will be a must.

Armor is not the only upgrade you can buy, as you can also buy damage to weapons that we found to be more powerful than Pack-a-Punching your weapons. While armour should always be your top priority, once you have enough extra points to spare, we recommend upgrading your weapon damage.

10. Vehicles  Tips and Tricks for Outbreak


While vehicles like the Sedan and Light Truck and more not only make it easier to explore the big maps of Outbreak but they are also incredibly helpful for running down hordes of Zombies. Although they will ultimately become unaffected over time, it should not be too big of a headache to find a new vehicle for you as well as for your team since we have found that they reappear throughout the various maps quite frequently.

The benefit will be that you’ll complete a Dark Ops challenge if you take down at least 100 Zombies with your vehicle. You will activate a unique ‘Grey Matter’ Epic Sniper Rifle Blueprint if you complete all nine challenges.

that’s all for 10 Tips and Tricks for Outbreak Mode of Call of Duty Zombies.

The nine challenges of Zombies Outbreak event in Call of Duty Warzone

1. 25 headshots 

Players will have to to kill least 25 zombies with a headshot to complete the challenge.

2. 100 Zombies kills

Activision has discovered that zombies can be found at the new Shipwreck POI in Call of Duty Warzone’s map, Verdansk. Players will have to to kill least 100 zombies to complete this challenge.

3. Flash kill (25 Zombies) 

Attract a swarm of zombies to an armed C4 in order to set off a huge explosion that will destroy many zombies at once.

4. Vehicles to kill 25 Zombies 

Run over With an ATV or some other small device, they can take out any zombie monster they come across.

5. Visit Shipwreck POI 5 times 

To complete this challenge, visit the Shipwreck POI in five separate matches. Completing this task shouldn’t be challenging as long as players are encountering hordes of zombies at the POI.

6. Kill 25 zombies with shotguns

Try to get the zombies to form a horde. When used at close range, a shotgun will deal major damage to the horde, enabling the player to finish the challenge quickly.

 7. Kill two or more zombies easily three times

Get a fast double-kill or higher on zombies at least three times. Players are not obligated to complete all three instances in a single game.

8. Kill 25 zombies with handguns

Any gun in Call of Duty Warzone, including the one players start with, should suffice for this task. To do maximum damage to the zombies and complete this challenge quickly, players must aim for the head.

9. Before the first circle closes, kill 25 zombies

Players are advised to perform a direct drop at the Shipwreck POI to begin removing zombies as soon as the first circle closes in order to rack up as many zombie eliminations as possible before the first circle closes.

CoD Zombies Outbreak release date

Outbreak was released on February 25th, 2021. And players of Warzone and Black Ops: Cold War will be able to join the action beginning at 10 a.m. PT. While the game started to have some problems on launch day, with news of servers going down, those bugs seem to have been fixed now. On the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC, the Outbreak content is now available.

Outbreak zombies not working?

Plaguehound and Hellhound issue

The Plaguehound and Hellhound are two unique special enemies listed as a major problem.

For playing the Outbreak you must update the CoD. After that you can play Outbreak. And because CoD updates can take a long time to download, you should start the download as soon as you turn on your console or device. This pair of enemies tends to be the cause of stability problems, with frame rates falling if too many of the dogs spawn into the map.

Iconic Ray Gun Wonder Weapon

The special gun is damaging player armor via splash damage, which is a common bug. Fortunately, this is not a move to weaken the Ray Gun, which is a good decision given that splash damage is already dangerous enough.

Solution of Outbreak zombies issues

You can play Outbreak right now, or whenever you can find any time for a nice gaming session in the future. Only bear in mind that you must first install the most recent update. And because CoD updates can take a long time to download, you should start the download as soon as you turn on your console or device.

If you are new player of CoD, Enjoy our call of duty cold war single player (CAMPAIGN) mode tips and tricks at Gaminzo.

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